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Vaccinations and why I am still angry with the media

So Red nose day has been and gone, however I thought of something last night that I want to share with you all.

After a long day we sat down to watch TV in the evening, watched some very funny, very entertaining stuff. As we usually do we flick through the channels for 5/10 minutes before heading to bed. We did the same again last night and came to the BBC’s best bits of comic relief 2013. We arrived at the time of the Call the midwife special and after that saw the Vaccination video with Davina McCall.

That’s when it hit us and we started talking about the madness that was the MMR scare over here. Which still to this day has repercussions. Why does it still to this day affect people? Because the media as per usual whipped it up in such a frenzy that a lot of people decided not to give their kids the MMR vaccine. Now I know what you’re saying it should be the right of someone to say no to something they’re not comfortable with, but did they really know why they weren’t comfortable with it?

Lets look at the offending study that all the media quoted back then in more detail. First of it was a study that was riddled with mistakes, it was a study undertaken with 11 test subjects. That is even less than these stupid good for nothing tests you seen on all these health & beauty ads you see on telly. This study said that the MMR vaccine could in certain cases promote the possibility of the child developing autism. Which as soon as this study was published was disproven by other much bigger and better studies. But because the media saw the possibility of a huge campaign and that there was money to be made they focused on this flawed study and all hell broke loose.

In months and years after that media frenzy it was positively proven that MMR and autism were about as likely to be linked as piles were linked to Lung cancer. Now making the accusation that Piles could give you lung cancer would you go to your doctor and create merry hell about this or would you look for further studies on this matter?

Having watched the comic relief videos about vaccination projects in Africa and read what Team Honk first hand saw about this I do feel I have to ask the uncomfortable question: What would you chose? The possibility that your child might develop autism or the possibility that your child could die?

In Africa children die every day because they haven’t got access to the simplest vaccines we take for granted and we here in our safe and cushy western civilized world got up in arms about a flawed study that linked the MMR vaccine to Autism?

Lets look at it from a different point of view. Lets take the MMR apart. The first M stands for Measels, the second M stands for Mumps, the R stands for Rubella.

After the media frenzy about the possible link to autism the take up of the MMR vaccine dropped dramatically. Which was in no way helped by the former PM Tony ‘No comment’ Blair who refused to say to anyone if his kids had the MMR vaccine or not.

The drop in the uptake of the MMR vaccine surely meant a rise in measles. Now measles can cause meningitis, deafness, in some cases can even lead to brain damage or death. Is the remote possibility of your child developing autism really worse than all those possibilities, I think not. But still the media didn’t tell you that back then, did they!

There has been conclusive proof that Mumps can, to name just a few, cause hearing problems up to hearing loss, it can make men less fertile or in some cases can leave a man infertile.

The worst still is what Rubella can do to girls and women, especially when a pregnant woman comes in contact with someone who is suffering from Rubella. The problems in pregnancy and the disastrous consequences it can have to an unborn child are just to harrowing to even tell you about. So please someone tell me why the media back then made such a big thing about the possibility of the MMR vaccine being a contributing factor in why a child becomes autistic?

It still makes me sick to my stomach when I see children in hospital fighting for their lives because they haven’t had access to the most basic of vaccines we take for granted and then we in all honestely stand there and say No my child will not get the MMR vaccine because didn’t you know there is a minute chance that he/she might become autistic. As I said that is, excuse the language utter bullshit, but not only that I rather have an autistic son than no son!

Go talk to someone who knows about Autism, try telling a mother of an autistic child that you don’t want to immunise your child because you’re afraid your child will end up like hers. See what she says to you?

I could go on and on about it, but if you haven’t got the message by now it’s hopeless anyway. We didn’t even have to think twice when we were asked if our children could be immunised against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. We said ‘Yes of course’.

One more thing about autism that made my blood boil. To my friend, you know who you are, I like to say this now, this had to be said because it was just horrendous when I first heard so I’m sorry for putting it out in the public domain.

A mutual friend of ours said to this friend of ours after her child was formally diagnosed with Autism that it was ok we could now find out what her childs superpower was? WTF are you thinking or not thinking to justify this outburst as an appropriate thing to say? There are hundreds of things that must have been going through this mothers mind how it will affect her Childs’ future, her childs’ outlook on life. This miraculous, wonderful child seriously is the most loving little kid I ever had the pleasure of knowning and then someone who is a close friend goes and says something like that?

Anyway I hope I haven’t bored you too much with this rant, but I really felt that all this had to be said and if you’re not too bored yet I’d love to hear your opinion too.


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Celebrities and the stupidity of the not so average person

This is surreal and quite sad really! My boys absolutely love and adore these wonderful little pillows from John Lewis, does anyone care no. Leave them alone


But that is harmless compared to the own Goal the Cosmopolitan scored.


The news that Peaches Geldof had died was only a couple of hours old and cosmopolitan came out with that, really? I suppose it is better than some of the other stuff that has been talked about. The main bad taste rumours going around mention “mental health” “drugs” “unknown life threatening condition”

The best tweet about the whole peaches thing I found came from @fudgecrumpet:

@fudgecrumpet: Apparently someone has died. That’s sad.

Oh, wait, it was a famous person who’s been in the papers a lot, go ahead, make jokes. It’s fine.

Don’t even get me started on the break up of Gwyneth & Coldplay dude! It is ridiculous the amount of media attention there was for them.

That’s just the top of the iceberg how much I hate these sort of stories . So their young daughter died, leave them alone, so they can properly mourn her!

Anyone know if KT Hopkins has been on telly again?

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On receiving the ‘Liebster Award’


This is my version of “Being Liebstered”

the wonderful @michelledavies from lernermother blog nominated me a few weeks ago. in the meantime we’ve been on holiday so i only got it finished now.

Michelle’s version of the Liebster award can be found here: http://learnermother.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/on-being-liebstered/

Like Michelle I hadn’t heard of the Liebster award meme before so after reading her blog it all became clear. The meaning behind it I think michelle surmised brilliantly, she wrote: ” it’s a shout out to highlight new blogs which some lovely person thinks are worthy of a profile boost. Yay! That means today’s reader liked my blog! Bonus!”

In this case obviously Michelle was that reader who liked my blog, so thanks for that! However I can’t say I found 11 new blogs to nominate in return, so I just chose some of my favorite blogs instead.

So the way it works is that you have to answer 11 questions set by the lovely blogger that nominated you, reveal 11 random facts about yourself, set another 11 questions and tag 11 other blogs you enjoy. I *think* that’s the deal.

So here goes nothing, have fun reading:

1 – Mac or PC?
PC although I would like to try out a MAC
2 – What’s your favourite joke?

Here is my favourite joke from my childhood, when you’re a small boy jokes didn’t have to make sense for you to laugh your socks of!! hope it is still slightly amusing after a) translating it and b) adapting it to a British audience:
A scot, an irishman and a Londoner are on holiday in Germany.
The Scot arrives in Dresden and goes to hotel and asks for a room. The receptionist says: Sorry sir we only 1 room left and I assure you, you wouldn’t want this room, it is haunted and many a guest has committed suicide in it. So the scot says in his best William Wallace accent: ‘I am scottish I’m not afraid of anything!’ So the receptionist hands over the key and the Scot goes to his room. Everything seems to be fine as he gets ready for bed. Sometime during the night he is woken up by this strange voice, which he cant quite make out where it is. Suddenly the voice says: ‘First I’ll grab you, then I’ll peel you, then I’ll eat you!’ Fearing for his life, he jumps out the window forgetting the room was on the 25th floor.
Some days later the Irishman arrives in Dresden at same said Hotel and asks for a room. The receptionist gives him the story and he in turn says: ‘I’m Irish I’m not afraid of anything’ The same thing happens to the Irishman during his first night staying in that hotelroom. The voice is saying yet again: ‘First I’ll grab you, then I’ll peel you, then I’ll eat you!’ Fearing for his life the Irishman does the same as the scot and jumps out the window, in turn forgetting he was on the 25th floor.
Some days later the Londoner arrives in Dresden at same said Hotel. Same story all over again. ‘Hey Man I am from Hackney, nothing scares me!’ the Londoner says in response to the Receptionist. So he is in the Hotelroom in the early hours of the morning when he hears that voice and just goes over to the lightswitch and he sees something quite extradonary: There is a monkey in the corner a bunch of bananas in front of him and he says: ‘First I’ll grab you, then I’ll peel you, then I’ll eat you!’

Here is my favourite joke from when I was a little older, again this is translated and adapted to a British audience:
David Cameron and his driver are out and about in the countryside. The driver unfortunately runs over a chicken. The driver then says that he was going to see the farmer and explain what happened. Dave ever so smarmy said ‘No,no,no I’ll go and talk to the man. After all that’s what I do for a living.’ When he comes back a bit later, he has a black eye. So nothing more is said about this and they drive on. A while later a rabbit tries to run across the road and gets mowed down by the Cameron car. Dave insists yet again to go and explain things. This time he comes back with a fat lip. So the driver insists if they were unfortunate to hit anything he was going to go and appologize.
A couple of hours later and seemingly out of nowhere a pig runs into the road which the Driver can’t avoid so he hits it. So the driver goes and tries to explain things to the farmer. A while later the driver comes back with loads of gifts, clearly having had a few drinks. ‘What did you say to the farmer to get in this state?’ dave then wants to know. The driver says: “Well all I said to the farmer was: I’ve got David Cameron in the back of my car, and the pig is dead!”

3 – What’s your favourite city and why?
Has to be Bad Kreuznach because someone who I am rather fond of once called it ‘bad crusty snatch’ lol

4 – Marmite – love it or hate it?
Cant I have another option of ‘don’t mind it’

5 – Are you friends with your exes?
Not my exes, does it count that my wife’s first husband is Godfather to one of our sons?

6 – Do you believe in horoscopes?
Not really, I read them now and then but don’t really believe there is anything in them

7 – What would you change about yourself, if you had to pick one thing?
Be more empathetic towards other people and situations

8 – Is your life turning out how you thought, or totally different, or better, or worse? Why?
If you asked me that 5 years ago I would have said it was turning out totally different but in a bad way. Nowadays I will say it was turning out totally different, but in a really good, amazing way!
Why? Well for one I finally found what I would call ‘The one’ come End of November we’ll have been together for 4 years. Also the fact that we have 2 wonderful little boys, that run me ragged and are quite exhausting, is really the best thing that ever happened to me!

9 – Is blood thicker than water?

Well when you look at my family you certainly would think Blood should not be thicker than water! If you however look at the family I married into then this certainly is the case. There is never a week where we don’t get phone calls from some members of the family or indeed go round and see them.

10 – Where’s your heart – city or country?

A bit of both really, slightly suburban with some farms and beautiful scenery virtually on your doorstep!

11 – Have you ever eaten anything you’ve grown?
Does the rhubarb in the rhubarb crumble that my Mother in law made from Rhubarb they’ve grown in their garden count, if so the answer is Yes!

Now to the 11 random facts about me?turned out to be more difficult that I thought it would, but here they are:

1 I can’t stand Bananas. The smell, the texture, the taste, everything about the banana full stop.

2 even though living on an island I can’t actually swim

3 my parents aren’t bad parents per say, they are inept human beings, therefore you can’t actually judge them for being bad parents.

4 there is a picture of me from about 4/5 years ago which my love categorized as ‘cancer stricken lesbian’

5 one of my all time favorite songs is “paint it black” Rolling Stones

6 passed my driving test on the 5th attempt December 2009

7 I lived in eastbourne for about 2 years

8 was born & raised in Germany but only made it to Berlin when I lived here in the uk

9 the name of my blog is a little humourus dig at my loves ex-husband

10 seen Metallica live 3 times so far ( which so isn’t enough )

11 don’t think I ever told him but I think my Brother in law is a really great and immensely intelligent guy and the way he is with our boys is just wonderful! Paul you are brilliant, in my opinion anyway!

Now to the 11 question to give to my nominees:

That’s a tough one! Lets see??

1 marmite – love it or hate it
2 Nutella or peanut butter
3 android or apple
4 PC or MAC
5 why and when did you start blogging
6 were your children planned or more of a if we do we do, if we don’t we don’t type of thing?
7 attachment parenting yay or nay
8 cat or dog person and can you give a reason why?
9 do you prefer summer, sun, beach or winter, snow and piste?
10 do you prefer WordPress or blogger
11 five items you never leave the house without?

And now to nominate 11 fellow bloggers:

dorkymum: http://dorkymum.wordpress.com/




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Tuesday Moan

So whilst they are still sunning it up in Spain, thought I would have a moan and rant, like Markus often does (shopping trolleys anyone?!?!?)

My rant however, is connected to work. I am a store manager at coop, Horsham Petrol Station on the A24. It is a very busy petrol site, with tanker lorries, LPG etc etc – it keeps me busy indeed! Everyone knows that at petrol stations there are lots of health and safety requirements to follow, But why o why do people choose to ignore them? I’ve heard many people say “nothing ever happens on forecourts sites” – correct there is a great reason for this, we dont let it!! Here is my list of favourite stupid things people do, and then question why we have cut the fuel off and had a go at them!!

1) Filling up a 500ml coke bottle with LPG! I mean really. It vapourises for a start, and secondly it is super super flammable. Thirdly I’ve no idea how they fit the nozzle in the bottle, its way way bigger!

2) On the phone to someone whilst filling up is common, but crouching down to hide from us is just silly. We notice when someone isn’t standing next to the car but still filling. We also notice that the phone signal is now a lot closer to your open fuel tank. Are they really that stupid. Its not common knowledge that it isn’t the phone signal that causes the explosion, its the static electricity that does.

3) Jump starting a car next to the pump. People cannot be that thick surely? Yes they can. So we have 10 pumps with 30 lines of fuel, I know what I will start causing BIG electrical sparks next to it. How and why do they get to these thoughts? And how have the got a driving licence?!!!!

4) Not serious, but more plain stupid. “Can I fix my horse box in the carwash?” Erm no its a car wash, very big clue in the name!!!

5) Just stupid. “Do you sell fuel?” – No love, we just look like a garage. Realistic isn’t it?

If you have time, go onto you tube and search “Petrol Station Explosions” – watch a few of the videos in full, and you’ll see why the law is so strict on these sites. Also here is a great video of how a phone does ignite fuel!

Hope Markus, Becky, Eddie and Alex are having a great time away! (Not jealous ha ha. Yes I Am!!)


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Guestpost by Heidi aka anewmother: Five things my child will never do

Five things my child will never do

In those heady days prior to parenthood, I had ample opportunity to ponder the future brilliance of my child-rearing skills.

Here is a selection of things I smugly assumed I would never allow my child to do:

1. Cover himself in Sudocrem when I wasn’t looking.

Honestly, how difficult is it to keep a small tub of nappy cream out of reach of curious fingers? Quite difficult, actually. Nay, impossible.

2. Fall into an ornamental pond three times in the space of half an hour.

Honestly, what sort of parent lets that happen? The sort of parent who is far too busy conducting a risk assessment of their immediate surroundings to intercept their toddler’s nosedive, thank you very much.

3. Introduce a cup of tepid, forgotten tea to its intended life partner, a cream coloured carpet in previously pristine condition in a rented house.

Honestly, who isn’t going to spot that potential hazard? Someone who is recovering from clearing the remains of the award-winning Worst Nappy of All Time. Pass the air freshener please.

4. Throw a series of tantrums, each more diabolical than the last, in a room full of strangers and their (angelic) children whilst demonstrating quite definitively how not to share.

Honestly, who’s going to be fooled by “I’m so sorry – he’s not normally like this”? Nobody.

5. Refuse all forms of vegetables, especially those most cleverly disguised, except for the odd kidney bean and the inside of tomatoes.

Honestly, what kind of parent can’t persuade their child to eat a nutritionally balanced meal? The kind who is falling asleep into the bolognese.

At least I can still be certain my child will never pick his nose in public. Ahem.

You can find out more about Heidi here: http://heidigee.blogspot.com


Guestpost by Kathrine aka mummypinkwellies: Awkward Moments

Recently we’ve had a number of “awkward moments” with our daughter Littlebit and the assumptions people make about premature babies.

When Markus asked me to guest post over here for him I thought this would be the prime place to have a rant about what not to say to the parent of a toddler who was born prematurely. All of the thoughts listed below have actually been said to me in the last 6 months, yes really!?

I wrote a similar post over on my own blog, which you can find here: http://www.mummypinkwellies.com/2011/08/what-not-to-sa…preemie-parent

this was written when Littlebit was just shy of 1 year old and we’ve had some absolute corkers since. So here goes. Here’s what not to say to the parent of a child who was born prematurely:

1. I know someone who was born 10 weeks early and he’s got all sorts of problems. Which problems do you think she’ll have?
Don’t assume that my child has problems, and even if she does is it really any of your business?

2. So, does she have cerebral palsy?
Take a look at her, what do you think?

3. Oh, her eyes do look really bad. She’ll get teased in school because of that. What a shame!
Yes, yes it’s a shame she has a bit of a squint but you know she’s alive and well. I’ll take a squint any day!

4. Well, at least you got to bring your baby home. Some people aren’t that lucky.
Do you seriously think I don’t know that? Really?

5. I know she was born early and you were really quite poorly but I do think you’re being a bit selfish not giving her a brother or sister.
No comment!

6. But she seems so clever and ahead of her peers. How is that possible when she should be so behind?
I don’t know, but shouldn’t we all just be proud of her achievements rather than dwell on what might have been?

7. When will you know if she has learning difficulties like most preemies?
Well, she’s showing no signs of it yet so I dunno. But so what if she has? Again is it really any of your business?

8. I know a boy who was born 15 weeks early and he’s huge now. He plays Rugby for the Borough. She’ll be fine.
Brilliant, good for him. Stop generalising though.

9. It must be awful having a premature baby?
Well yes, of course it was awful at the start. But actually no, we’ve learned so much through this experience. Met some amazing people who we wouldn’t otherwise have met. It’s not all rainclouds and storms actually. There are some amazing rainbows we have seen as well.

10. Does that mean she won’t be able to have children?
What? Why?

11. But she’s so normal looking?

And I’ve saved the best for last…
12. Does that mean she’ll die prematurely as well?
Do you know when you’re going to die. No! I can’t predict her death either but no, being born early doesn’t mean she’s fated to an early death too!

What senseless things have you heard said about children who were born prematurely?

This is my girl now:


So, I’m Katherine, known as K to my friends and online as pinkwellies79 or Mummypinkwellies.

My daughter, known online as Littlebit was born 10 weeks prematurely back in September 2010 and weighed just 2lb 4.5oz at birth. A lot of my blog is about her. She is my life!

I blog about:
* bringing up a 30 week preemie turned feisty toddler
* life in a small market town
* campaign and fundraising work for Bliss – for babies born too soon, too small, too sick and Tommy’s – researching problems in pregnancy amongst other charities close to my heart
* the things that I love
* baking and cooking
* shopping
amongst other stuff and probably a fair bit of fluff

You can find my blog at http://www.mummypinkwellies.com


#Wednesday Words – 15th May 2013

Well as Markus is enjoying a holiday, I have been left the reigns to do a Wednesday Words. Now Markus knows my music taste very well, so that pretty brave of him!!

But first, a quick shameless plug for my charity blog. In April I cycled from London to Paris for a childrens hospice in Sussex  I blogged daily on the trip, and its a great read of a journey of a life time. Its here if you feel its worth a read!

Anyway back to Wednesday Words. Given this task, its actually difficult to select a song based purely on words. The song I have chosen, the words alone have no real connection with me, but when placed with instruments, the song comes alive. Every time I hear this song, I always think its so so powerful, despite not having any real connection to the lyrics. If you have lost a loved one, broken up with someone, or have lost someone close to you, these lyrics will touch you. I urge you to follow the youtube link at the end and watch the video with the music included. Its moving, its powerful, its epic.

The band, Evanescence, rose to fame my mixing hard rock \ soft metal with a womans voice that was actually singing, not screaming. Amy Lee voice is strong, clear and she sings with such emotion and clarity. The song is My Immortal, and for me it is by far the best song the band has done. Its soft, mellow yet powerful and thought prevoking. I have linked the full band version, as for me, the end half, and how it builds up, is written superbly and just fits together perfectly. The original is solely the voice and piano, and although still is great, it doesn’t give the drama that the band does.

So here are the lyrics:

I’m so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
Your presence still lingers here
And it won’t leave me alone

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now I’m bound by the life you left behind
Your face – it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice – it chased away all the sanity in me

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase


I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
But though you’re still with me
I’ve been alone all along


I urge you to follow this link and watch the video to the song. You wont be disappointed.

Thats my Wednesday words for this week. No idea if I’ve done it right, but this is what I imagined!! 🙂

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another Wednesday Words. I’ll try and select a song that has meaning for me, so I can talk about it a bit more!!


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Guestpost by DorkyMum: Accupunture and me

The wonderful, multi talented Ruth D. of DorkySon agreed kindly to do a guest post for my blog. In this post she talks about her own experiences with Accupuncture:

You know those annoying people who get something in their head and they go on and on about it, using any and every opportunity to bring it up in discussion?

I’m afraid I’ve turned into one of those people. And my obsession is, of all things, acupuncture.

A friend will post on Facebook that she’s suffering terrible morning sickness in pregnancy….

“Oooh!” I’ll say. “Have you tried acupuncture?”

Another friend will tweet about her bad back…

“Have you tried acupuncture for that?” I ask her.

I realised I might have taken it a little far when I intervened in a conversation between two women in front of me in the supermarket queue, who were debating the merits of various migraine treatments.

“You might want to try acupuncture for that,” I whispered. “It can be very effective.”

I don’t know if either of them ever tried it, but at least it made them pack up their shopping a little faster and finally move on.

Acupuncture is a system of complementary medicine which is based on traditions that go back two thousand years, although there is currently a growing body of evidence-based clinical research proving that it is an effective and safe way of tackling a range of health issues, from back pain to fertility issues.

I first had acupuncture when I was pregnant, and suffering from severe morning sickness. Despite the reassurances of my midwives, the vomiting and constant nausea didn’t stop at twelve weeks, and I was starting to feel a bit desperate. When a friend recommended trying acupuncture I was fairly sceptical, but decided to give it a shot.

I was shocked by the results. After spending the previous three months unable to keep food down – existing mainly on a diet of Schweppes Bitter Lemon and fizzy Haribo – I came out of my first appointment and walked straight across the street to a Mexican restaurant, where I sat down and ate a big plate of enchiladas. I wasn’t sick again for the remaining six months of my pregnancy.

Over the next year I went back to the same acupuncturist on two different occasions, and on both occasions, it helped me out where conventional medicine had failed.

The first time was to induce labour when I went two weeks overdue and was truly feeling like my pregnancy was never going to end. Pineapple hadn’t worked. Curries hadn’t worked. Long walks hadn’t worked. Several attempts at that delightful procedure known as a sweep hadn’t worked. It was worth a shot, right? I had an appointment at lunchtime on a Monday, and was in labour by 7pm that evening. I couldn’t believe acupuncture had worked so well for me again.

The second time was several months after the birth of my son, when I had been struggling with postnatal depression. Given my previous successes with acupuncture, it’s probably what I should have tried first, but in an exhausted and emotional fog I just didn’t think of it. I went to my GP and was prescribed with antidepressants, but it became obvious fairly quickly that they weren’t the solution and actually made things worse rather than better. Two sessions of acupuncture were all I needed to lift the terrible black cloud that I’d had hanging over me since having my son, and after that, everything about motherhood clicked into place.

Acupuncture may not be the right treatment for every person or every medical condition, but it is now almost always my first point of call. It is not prohibitively expensive, and I always feel like I am getting my money’s worth. Rather than rushing in and out in ten minutes like you have to with your GP, you can sit down for forty minutes or an hour and talk in detail about how you are feeling. Acupuncturists see connections – between your physical, emotional and mental health – that a GP may not. They look for the causes of problems, rather than just trying to treat the symptoms.

Recently I’ve had a run of colds and been feeling quite run down. With a young son in nursery and a husband who commutes on a crowded train every day, there have been far too many sniffles and sneezes in this house, and my immune system has been suffering. A year after moving house, I finally made the effort to track down a new acupuncturist in the area where we now live.

After just a couple of sessions I’ve been feeling much more full of energy, I’ve shaken off my colds, I’m sleeping well, and I’m feeling ready to get outside and take full advantage of spring.

Having friends and family roll their eyes at me when I bring ‘the A word’ up for discussion yet again feels like a small price to pay.

If you’d like to find out more about acupuncture, visit http://www.acupuncture.org.uk/

Here are some links where you can find out more about DorkyMum:

Blog: http://dorkymum.wordpress.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dorkymum
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dorkymum

I’m glad that Ruth had such a positive experience with Accupuncture. It certainly is an interesting and well written opinion. Being married to a GP I am perhaps a bit more skeptical about the true efficacy of Accupuncture, but we should always keep an open mind!