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1st haircut

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Some of you may not know yet that we’ll be off on our very 1st two week holiday with our boys. To get ready for said holiday ( in lovely Spain ) we went to our favorite hairdressers in Reigate. Used to be sort of our local hairdresser as we used to live in Redhill. I went to ‘The Barber Shop’ Reigate for the first time not long after I got together with Dr Becky. Since then I haven’t been anywhere else!

Jenny & Toby and the rest of their team run the show in their little hair salon they like to call a Barbers, well it certainly is set up like a Barbers. Then there is a little tucked on at the back where Jenny spends most of her time as it is Affectionately called Jenny’s of Reigate a little, understated Ladies Salon.

Unfortunately when I went in there with my boys on Wednesday Jenny & Toby were not around. Jenny’s Daughter and another member of the team called Gina were holding the fort so to speak.

I didn’t have to wait long fortunately and all 3 of us needed a haircut so Alex went first to have his very first haircut courtesy of Gina.


When Jenny’s Daughter finished what she was doing, she asked if she could help and as Alex was being such a good boy and was just sitting there without any problems whatsoever we decided that she could go ahead and start with Eddie’s first ever haircut and what was surprising Eddie didn’t make any fuss either.


We certainly got high praise from the two Ladies, saying that this most probably was the best behaved boys ever to have had their very first haircut there.

Once the boys were done I strapped them back into their buggy and it was time for Daddy to have his hair cut. The boys were even very well behaved for this. Only thing they did do was throwing the toys they were playing with on the floor repeatedly.

So all in all quite possibly the best behaved boys in the history of 1st haircuts ( but then I maybe a tiny bit bias ).

Anyway a big big thank you goes to Jenny’s Daughter and her colleague Gina. There should also be another mention of Jenny and Toby have been styling us for a few years now and the hair and the service has always been first class.

You can find Jenny & Toby’s ‘The Barbershop’ in Reigate and in Dorking. Here is their Website: http://www.barbershopreigate.co.uk/


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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