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Tuesday Moan

So whilst they are still sunning it up in Spain, thought I would have a moan and rant, like Markus often does (shopping trolleys anyone?!?!?)

My rant however, is connected to work. I am a store manager at coop, Horsham Petrol Station on the A24. It is a very busy petrol site, with tanker lorries, LPG etc etc – it keeps me busy indeed! Everyone knows that at petrol stations there are lots of health and safety requirements to follow, But why o why do people choose to ignore them? I’ve heard many people say “nothing ever happens on forecourts sites” – correct there is a great reason for this, we dont let it!! Here is my list of favourite stupid things people do, and then question why we have cut the fuel off and had a go at them!!

1) Filling up a 500ml coke bottle with LPG! I mean really. It vapourises for a start, and secondly it is super super flammable. Thirdly I’ve no idea how they fit the nozzle in the bottle, its way way bigger!

2) On the phone to someone whilst filling up is common, but crouching down to hide from us is just silly. We notice when someone isn’t standing next to the car but still filling. We also notice that the phone signal is now a lot closer to your open fuel tank. Are they really that stupid. Its not common knowledge that it isn’t the phone signal that causes the explosion, its the static electricity that does.

3) Jump starting a car next to the pump. People cannot be that thick surely? Yes they can. So we have 10 pumps with 30 lines of fuel, I know what I will start causing BIG electrical sparks next to it. How and why do they get to these thoughts? And how have the got a driving licence?!!!!

4) Not serious, but more plain stupid. “Can I fix my horse box in the carwash?” Erm no its a car wash, very big clue in the name!!!

5) Just stupid. “Do you sell fuel?” – No love, we just look like a garage. Realistic isn’t it?

If you have time, go onto you tube and search “Petrol Station Explosions” – watch a few of the videos in full, and you’ll see why the law is so strict on these sites. Also here is a great video of how a phone does ignite fuel!

Hope Markus, Becky, Eddie and Alex are having a great time away! (Not jealous ha ha. Yes I Am!!)