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On receiving the ‘Liebster Award’

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This is my version of “Being Liebstered”

the wonderful @michelledavies from lernermother blog nominated me a few weeks ago. in the meantime we’ve been on holiday so i only got it finished now.

Michelle’s version of the Liebster award can be found here: http://learnermother.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/on-being-liebstered/

Like Michelle I hadn’t heard of the Liebster award meme before so after reading her blog it all became clear. The meaning behind it I think michelle surmised brilliantly, she wrote: ” it’s a shout out to highlight new blogs which some lovely person thinks are worthy of a profile boost. Yay! That means today’s reader liked my blog! Bonus!”

In this case obviously Michelle was that reader who liked my blog, so thanks for that! However I can’t say I found 11 new blogs to nominate in return, so I just chose some of my favorite blogs instead.

So the way it works is that you have to answer 11 questions set by the lovely blogger that nominated you, reveal 11 random facts about yourself, set another 11 questions and tag 11 other blogs you enjoy. I *think* that’s the deal.

So here goes nothing, have fun reading:

1 – Mac or PC?
PC although I would like to try out a MAC
2 – What’s your favourite joke?

Here is my favourite joke from my childhood, when you’re a small boy jokes didn’t have to make sense for you to laugh your socks of!! hope it is still slightly amusing after a) translating it and b) adapting it to a British audience:
A scot, an irishman and a Londoner are on holiday in Germany.
The Scot arrives in Dresden and goes to hotel and asks for a room. The receptionist says: Sorry sir we only 1 room left and I assure you, you wouldn’t want this room, it is haunted and many a guest has committed suicide in it. So the scot says in his best William Wallace accent: ‘I am scottish I’m not afraid of anything!’ So the receptionist hands over the key and the Scot goes to his room. Everything seems to be fine as he gets ready for bed. Sometime during the night he is woken up by this strange voice, which he cant quite make out where it is. Suddenly the voice says: ‘First I’ll grab you, then I’ll peel you, then I’ll eat you!’ Fearing for his life, he jumps out the window forgetting the room was on the 25th floor.
Some days later the Irishman arrives in Dresden at same said Hotel and asks for a room. The receptionist gives him the story and he in turn says: ‘I’m Irish I’m not afraid of anything’ The same thing happens to the Irishman during his first night staying in that hotelroom. The voice is saying yet again: ‘First I’ll grab you, then I’ll peel you, then I’ll eat you!’ Fearing for his life the Irishman does the same as the scot and jumps out the window, in turn forgetting he was on the 25th floor.
Some days later the Londoner arrives in Dresden at same said Hotel. Same story all over again. ‘Hey Man I am from Hackney, nothing scares me!’ the Londoner says in response to the Receptionist. So he is in the Hotelroom in the early hours of the morning when he hears that voice and just goes over to the lightswitch and he sees something quite extradonary: There is a monkey in the corner a bunch of bananas in front of him and he says: ‘First I’ll grab you, then I’ll peel you, then I’ll eat you!’

Here is my favourite joke from when I was a little older, again this is translated and adapted to a British audience:
David Cameron and his driver are out and about in the countryside. The driver unfortunately runs over a chicken. The driver then says that he was going to see the farmer and explain what happened. Dave ever so smarmy said ‘No,no,no I’ll go and talk to the man. After all that’s what I do for a living.’ When he comes back a bit later, he has a black eye. So nothing more is said about this and they drive on. A while later a rabbit tries to run across the road and gets mowed down by the Cameron car. Dave insists yet again to go and explain things. This time he comes back with a fat lip. So the driver insists if they were unfortunate to hit anything he was going to go and appologize.
A couple of hours later and seemingly out of nowhere a pig runs into the road which the Driver can’t avoid so he hits it. So the driver goes and tries to explain things to the farmer. A while later the driver comes back with loads of gifts, clearly having had a few drinks. ‘What did you say to the farmer to get in this state?’ dave then wants to know. The driver says: “Well all I said to the farmer was: I’ve got David Cameron in the back of my car, and the pig is dead!”

3 – What’s your favourite city and why?
Has to be Bad Kreuznach because someone who I am rather fond of once called it ‘bad crusty snatch’ lol

4 – Marmite – love it or hate it?
Cant I have another option of ‘don’t mind it’

5 – Are you friends with your exes?
Not my exes, does it count that my wife’s first husband is Godfather to one of our sons?

6 – Do you believe in horoscopes?
Not really, I read them now and then but don’t really believe there is anything in them

7 – What would you change about yourself, if you had to pick one thing?
Be more empathetic towards other people and situations

8 – Is your life turning out how you thought, or totally different, or better, or worse? Why?
If you asked me that 5 years ago I would have said it was turning out totally different but in a bad way. Nowadays I will say it was turning out totally different, but in a really good, amazing way!
Why? Well for one I finally found what I would call ‘The one’ come End of November we’ll have been together for 4 years. Also the fact that we have 2 wonderful little boys, that run me ragged and are quite exhausting, is really the best thing that ever happened to me!

9 – Is blood thicker than water?

Well when you look at my family you certainly would think Blood should not be thicker than water! If you however look at the family I married into then this certainly is the case. There is never a week where we don’t get phone calls from some members of the family or indeed go round and see them.

10 – Where’s your heart – city or country?

A bit of both really, slightly suburban with some farms and beautiful scenery virtually on your doorstep!

11 – Have you ever eaten anything you’ve grown?
Does the rhubarb in the rhubarb crumble that my Mother in law made from Rhubarb they’ve grown in their garden count, if so the answer is Yes!

Now to the 11 random facts about me?turned out to be more difficult that I thought it would, but here they are:

1 I can’t stand Bananas. The smell, the texture, the taste, everything about the banana full stop.

2 even though living on an island I can’t actually swim

3 my parents aren’t bad parents per say, they are inept human beings, therefore you can’t actually judge them for being bad parents.

4 there is a picture of me from about 4/5 years ago which my love categorized as ‘cancer stricken lesbian’

5 one of my all time favorite songs is “paint it black” Rolling Stones

6 passed my driving test on the 5th attempt December 2009

7 I lived in eastbourne for about 2 years

8 was born & raised in Germany but only made it to Berlin when I lived here in the uk

9 the name of my blog is a little humourus dig at my loves ex-husband

10 seen Metallica live 3 times so far ( which so isn’t enough )

11 don’t think I ever told him but I think my Brother in law is a really great and immensely intelligent guy and the way he is with our boys is just wonderful! Paul you are brilliant, in my opinion anyway!

Now to the 11 question to give to my nominees:

That’s a tough one! Lets see??

1 marmite – love it or hate it
2 Nutella or peanut butter
3 android or apple
4 PC or MAC
5 why and when did you start blogging
6 were your children planned or more of a if we do we do, if we don’t we don’t type of thing?
7 attachment parenting yay or nay
8 cat or dog person and can you give a reason why?
9 do you prefer summer, sun, beach or winter, snow and piste?
10 do you prefer WordPress or blogger
11 five items you never leave the house without?

And now to nominate 11 fellow bloggers:

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