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PR friendly?


What does PR friendly actually mean? I seen this phrase on many a blog I read and I always think there is a fine line between being too friendly & unfriendly.

If you’re too friendly your page ranking will disappear into nothingness and you’ll have lost any integrity you might once have had! To be perfectly honest I am not that interested in page rankings anyway. What means more to me than analytical page rankings, to be included in the tots100 bloggers index, last time I checked I was no. 614!

If you’re unfriendly and have far too many constraints on what you will or wont do or will not write about nobody will want to work with you which basically means you might as well take the bit about “PR friendly” down because you’re clearly not!

So maybe I should put on my blog not “PR friendly” more something like “give me a pitch I’ll see if I like it or not”

The other thing is I still haven’t entirely grasped the concept of are these follow or non follow links. If and when I put a link in one of my posts I just put the website in and that is it. I’m not good with code anyway, I rather just say here is the website go have a look or not, entirely up to you!

So far I only ever done 1 review where I actually got sent something. The other reviews I had done before were just personal taste or a special occasion.

What do you think about this?


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

3 thoughts on “PR friendly?

  1. I won’t work with PR’s or outside companies. I use my blog for my own purpose and not as a free advertising board for a company who claim not to have a budget yet advertise large banners with huge organisations, thus paying millions of pounds from their marketing budget. Blogs are not free advertising boards and personally I wish bloggers would be a bit more choosy because this does impact on every blogger. You get a blogger who is willing to stick a link in a post for £15 because £15 to them might be a lot of money. Then you get another blogger who isn’t willing to do anything for under £50 because they think their blog is worth it. Who do you think the PR/SEO will choose? It isn’t rocket science.

    CJ x

  2. I think PR friendly just means you will consider propositions. Some bloggers don’t work with PRs at all. x

  3. As I mentioned on Twitter, we use the “PR Friendly” term ourselves as a call-out to brands or their representatives to send us proposals, with no guarantees that we’ll be interested in dealing with them. We’ve made it clear that they must be relevant to us as a couple, as parents or to our kids before we’ll even consider it.

    Of course being a young(ish) married couple with four young kids, there isn’t a lot that doesn’t fit in with our lives somewhere or somehow. We do have a couple of posts in progress right now actually – the first two since we started Mummy VS Daddy.

    We feel it’s important to strike a good balance between straight forward opinion, and sponsored posting – with your own voice being the vast majority. As long as you never sell your honesty, even even sponsored posts, we think PR Friendly is all good 🙂

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