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Godparents don’t have to be about God you know?


After reading this very intriguing, thought provoking post by the brilliant Annie of @mammasaurusblog which you can read here:

guide parents & guardians do we need them?

I decided to write about this myself!

Godparents don’t have to be about God you know. Just like Christmas doesn’t have to be about Christ!

I grew up as what we used to call a lapse catholic. Nowadays I rather think of myself as a Christian more than a catholic. I really do not identify or agree with the teachings and/or opinions of the Catholic Church but that is a different subject.

When we were expecting our boys we had the talk if we should get married, if we should christen the boys. When the boys were born and on day 2 the best thing we could do for our Richard was to let him go as his problems were just too severe. Before we did so we decided that we’d christen him in the name of the Anglican Church. For the obvious reason, because as the church says if a child dies after being christened God will take him into heaven. Which to be perfectly honest doesn’t really make much sense as this God would be quite a heartless God if he says to you ‘no your child can’t get into heaven you haven’t christened him!’ It was also a way of marking his existence, sharing him with the universe, and doing one normal thing with him in an abnormal and desperate situation.

We were talking about how to deal with the boys birthday and the anniversary of Richard passing on and we decided that we should make it more of a celebration of life that week.

So we started organizing a christening, a prayer of remembrance for Richard and as we were there and got married at the registry office in June we got a wedding blessing too. the boys birthday is on August 14th, Richard passed away on the 16th and the christening was on the 18th.

The question of where we would do the christening was redundant really. We were set on one church only. The church where my wife’s grandparents and my wife’s eldest brother are buried and where we laid Richard to rest. This day had to be close to him and that meant more to us than the fact it was in a church.

We did go with 2 godfathers and 1 godmother for each of our boys. We considered

a) if something should happen to us who we wanted to become the boys guardians

b) who we wanted to involve in our boys lives

c) who would most likely enhance the social & cultural upbringing of our boys

So as Guardians ( in the event of something happening to us ) we chose my sister in law and her husband. The other categories were more closely linked to each other than we first realised. So we added some friends into the mix as well.

All the people we chose have something unique and valuable to teach our boys and we wanted them to know that they are special to us.

A church is within a community and a place people gather in the best and the worse times of their lives. To see the church or the ceremony as just about religion is missing the bigger picture. How you feel and what you believe evolves and changes throughout your life, but the church and the ceremonies are always there. My boys can make their own choices regarding religion, but I don’t regret having them christened in the eyes of The Lord or the memories that the day made for at a difficult time in our lives.


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

2 thoughts on “Godparents don’t have to be about God you know?

  1. What a brilliant post. It’s something I’ve been struggling with in my mind. I was christened but I’m not sure I believe in it. I became total athiest for a while. Life events made me agnostic. People praying for me when iv been seriously ill make me wonder.

    We gave bunny a naming ceremony but hubs wants them all christened. I’ve agreed due to the whole fear of them not entering a positive afterlife (if there is one). It’s silly because I don’t know what to believe, but your post has made me look at the situation in a different light and I think I am ready to go ahead with christenings now. Thankyou xx

  2. Oh wow I love your thoughts about the ceremony and church being not just about religion. I’ll sleep on this post and be back in the morning once I’ve mulled it all over x

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