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Hospital and other appointments with the boys


I thought I would give you all an update into how our boys are doing!

First of all i would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to my Father in Law David for accompanying the boys and me to all these appointment. While Mummy is at work and my FILs wife, the boys Nana is still in hospital recovering from a complicated spinal surgery. I also like to thank my sister and brother in law for all they have done and are doing for us, like coming with us to our first dentist appointment. Also for having the boys over night once a month so we can have a proper “Date night”.

But now back to the appointments: First off at the beginning of November we had an appointment at Frimley park for their review after they had their hernia surgeries in june. Mr Stanton the surgeon had no concern at all and officially discharged them there and then. A little later we had an appointment at our local hospital for the boys 1 year (corrected) pediatric review and the consultant Dr Khader had no real concerns, there was still the issue with the boys heart problems but we had an appointment scheduled for the end of November to have both boys examined at Southampton General Hospital.

The journey down to Southampton was very uneventful and we made it in good time. We got seen pretty soon after we arrived. First of was the obligatory weight and height measure. For the weigh-in the boys managed to get on the big boys chair-scales for the first time. Also they weighed exactly the same for the very first time. This might have had something to do with the fact that all of us had a bout of Noro-Virus the week before.

We all were having quite a bad time of it with that nasty little virus. Our little Eddie was completely thrown off, he was hanging there so badly that at one point we were quite concerned that we took him to see the GP. i know as a general rule you shouldn’t go anywhere near a doctors surgery when you’re suffering from sickness and diarrhea but when it comes to babies & toddlers that gets thrown out pretty quickly. We got a direct referral to the children’s department at the hospital. Funnily enough he started perking up once we got seen at the hospital. Eddie didn’t much care for the diralyte with blackcurrant flavor. Alex on the other hand gulped it down! Eddie decided that he much preferred the plain water we brought with us.

So going back to the appointment at Southampton General, they weighed exactly the same 9.2kg which is fine for 15 month old ex prem toddlers. Eddie is ever so slightly taller than Alex. Alex was first with the ECG & later on with the actual Echo. Having had a balloon valvuloplasty in November 2011 we are rather pleased that the doctors are happy with his heart and the pressure gradient of the blood flow through the pulmonary area that is effected has more or less stayed the same since the last check up 6 months ago. Eddie on the other hand has a very similar pressure gradient but as he hasn’t had a balloon valvuloplasty it is the opinion of the doctors that he will need one at some point. All in all the doctors were happy with their progress and said to make an appointment in six months time! When we got back to the reception desk were told that we’d have to wait for an appoinment to be sent to us as there weren’t any available for 6 nor 7 nor 8 months time and the lady would have to talk to her supervisor who in turn would have to talk with the consultant.

Talking about appointments we had this check up at ESH in early November and were told to make another appointment for about 6 months time. We got the appointment for April 3rd 2013. The thing is we received a letter a couple of days ago saying ‘due to unforeseen circumstances’ the appointment on April 3rd 2013 had to be cancelled! So it’s December now. That’s 4 months to go until that appointment what’s so unforeseen with an appointment that is 4 months in the future?

Anyway the boys are doing well, we are doing well and the cats are doing well too!

We just had Eddies first word he actually associates with something/someone: Dadda
That really made my day!!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

3 thoughts on “Hospital and other appointments with the boys

  1. Fab that Eddie said Dadda and they sound like they’re doing so well πŸ™‚ Lexie had her 2 year check last week and passed with flying colours so has now been discharged (as such, unless we have any issues we need them for) from the Health Visiting team. Feels good πŸ™‚ x

  2. Lovely news, you must be so chuffed Dadda ! x

  3. Good to hear.
    I bet you loved that first word!

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