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Having a rant about Talk talk & BT openreach


we moved into our new house beginning of October which I then took the opportunity to call around for some phone and broadband offers. The previous owner had been a talk talk customer. After asking BT, Sky, Virgin & plusnet they were all saying the earliest they could get to us and get things sorted and installed was the end of November! So we thought we ask talk talk they had a very good offer on at the time but apparently they had to have a bt engineer come out as well because the previous owner had not only cancelled with talk talk they even got in touch with BT and got things switched off at the Exchange! What sort of person does that? Anyway as everyone said end of November and talk talk had a very good deal on we went with them.

Now that should have been that, in the stress that was moving and everything else that happened we were under the mistaken impression that the installation date was the 27th but apparently it was the 28th of November so we phoned talk talk up and explained the situation. The situation was that we mistakingly thought they were due on Nov 27th and Dr B had to work on the and I had to go to Southampton with my boys for their heart check up and at that point we should have taken down the full name of the person we spoke to as this person said that canceling the 28th wouldn’t be a problem and it would be rescheduled for Monday the 3rd of December.

When we got back home Wednesday evening we found a card ‘sorry we missed you’ from BT open reach. Now we were quite confused by this because we spoke to someone at talk talk and they assured us things had been cancelled and rebooked for Monday the 3rd.

Now I spoke to talk talk on Thursday and they were saying that they couldn’t guarantee that we would get things sorted on Monday as they never received confirmation from BT open reach.

We phoned them again today explaining things and now we are supposed to wait till January 17th, that’s the date the next open reach engineer will be available and then apparently it will take another 24 hours to have everything switched over.

So not only have we not got broadband a working landline for another month and a half on top talk talk have basically lied to us when this person said things had been rebooked for Monday the 3rd of December!

I would be very much inclined to just cancel talk talk altogether after this farce! The problem is if I phone around the other providers now, they’ll most likely tell me the exact same thing not available until mid January because openreach over stretched itself and has no engineers available to come out!

Most companies record all their calls for “monitoring & training” purposes. I bet you they haven’t got the recording of the call where we rebooked things for today anymore because then they would have to admit that someone made a mistake!!!

Herewith ended my rant! Just needed to vent a bit because I’m really rather cheesed off!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

3 thoughts on “Having a rant about Talk talk & BT openreach

  1. Oh I had a nightmare when I moved. It seems to be traditional! Mine was direct thru BT but otherwise similar! Hope all goes to plan this time!

  2. I’ve never heard anything good about TalkTalk. As for BT – I wouldn’t go near them with a shitty stick! I made the mistake of going with BT once and over the course of one year they tried to OVERCHARGE me by £861! Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it! It cost me a fortune in phonecalls trying to sort out every single overcharge. Then they tried to send out debtcollectors when they owed me money! In another house, I didn’t even have a phoneline and BT sent out debtcollectors to recover a bill that a) I didn’t set up and b) Didn’t exist! To ad insult to injury – they put on my credit reports that I was using an Alias of Mrs Sutcha – which is nothing like my name or my maiden name! Needless to say, I wont go near them again.

    If you are in a Virgin area – go with them. Cable products are amazing, they work out cheapest in the long run, they always offer great add ons and special offers on upgrades to existing customers, they sort out technical issues in a split second, reception is fantastic, broadband is at the speed of light (okay slight over reaction) and customer service is second to none. I am gutted I’m not in a cable area now and I’m stuck with no option bu Sky! 😦

  3. I’m sure MummyBarrow was also ranting about this recently – it’s mind boggling that big companies can be getting things so wrong isn’t it?

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