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Twilight – date night

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Well it was more of a date afternoon.

At first we thought we might have to cancel it, Alex wasn’t feeling too well, but he did perk up quite nicely so the boys went off for the afternoon and evening with their Auntie & Uncle.

One of my lovely wife’s favourite dates of ours was when we first started going out, the evening before we got together and watched twilight on DVD and then the next day we went to Nandos first for a bite to eat and afterwards went to the cinema to see New Moon. So since then we made it our mission to have a date night for each twilight movie in remembrance of that lovely date.

Today we felt slightly sad as it would be the last time we could relive this date so to speak!

We booked tickets to see the conclusion to the twilight saga at the Crawley I-MAX and it was quite impressive I have to say. It was pretty close to the book and the ending was just lovely.

I have to say there were a couple of trailers we both absolutely loved, but for different reasons. Dr B was flabbergasted by the trailer for the new adaptation of Les Miserables and I loved the little bit I saw of the new Superman movie. That little bit of a trailer looked absolutely awesome!

After the film we went to a Chef & Brewers Pub as we had some tesco Restaurant Vouchers for one of those and we chose the Gatwick manor

For starters Dr B went for the Soup of the Day which was Pea & Ham and very nice it was too. I decided to go for the Sweet Chili Prawns. They were just delicious. Prawns in different casings, batter, pastry, breadcrumbs with a lovely sweet chili dip and some wonderful greenery.

For Mains we both went for the slow cooked Rib of Beef. However I have a confession to make: I do not like wine sauces of any kind. So Dr B went for the red wine sauce with the Beef and I asked for ‘normal gravy’ and there was not a problem, they were very accommodating and I have to say it tasted absolutely divine! The Beef was wonderful, tender and was brilliantly complimented by the new potatoes, the Savoy cabbage with bacon and my personal favorite that wonderful gravy. As I said it was just divine!

We decided against a sweet and instead like the parents we are, we went straight back home and started doing chores.

Unfortunately the boys returned in the evening with Alex being a bit worse for wear again. Poor little boy!

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Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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