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Obama vs. Romney or how a chick lit author lost all her feminism kudos


Ok so lets get off the fence and take sides! I know the old saying goes: ‘the two things you shouldn’t talk about to avoid arguements and falling outs are Religion and politics’
I am still going to do it though. I will talk about politics!

I think the comedian Nathan Caton ( I noticed him first when he appeared on Mock the week ) I think said it very well, what I think about when I hear someone critizise Obama:

@NathanCaton: Everyone who criticises Obama’s last 4 years are forgetting what he had to follow & clean up… 8 years of George Bush! #JustSaying

I personally wholeheartedly agree with this statement, but I would like to transpose this statement to our government over here! Everyone who criticizes David Cameron are forgetting what he was left with and has to clean up! Ok some things might be not the best use of legislative powers, but would we genuinely be better off if we had a Labour Government? I don’t actually think so, but hey that is a topic for another time! Which I think in the interest of fairness and balance I ought to ask my good Friend @ladyloki to write a bit about what she thinks the Labour Party would and could do better?

I didn’t intend this post to be about our Government here in the UK. This was supposed to be about the US elections and the brilliant and also the downright scary things that are thrown about on twitter and Facebook!

One of the better things I found on twitter was this, the title is quite off-putting but it does show some interesting examples what Obama has been doing: http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/

Also you just have to look at this, the legend that is Joss Whedon talking about Mitt Romney: http://www.newstatesman.com/star-spangled-staggers/2012/10/mitt-romney-candidate-2012-zombie-apocalypse

Now to one of the things that I find quite disturbing and wrong!

A few days ago the former MP, but still member of the Tories ( as far as I know ) Louise Mensch had a public difference of opinion with Lord Sugar on twitter. Which she came across as a bit of a feminist in my opinion. The weird thing is a few days later she publicly endorses Mitt Romney? How does that go together?

People attribute to the Romney camp that he doesn’t think that equal pay for men & women is a priority? Alledgedly he doesn’t even think that women should have exact equal rights than men! Not to mention that he is a staunch supporter of the Pro-life campaign if it were up to him Abortions would be illegal!

How on earth can a former MP, a ‘chicklit’ author and a woman come across as a feminist one day and the next she thinks Romney is a great guy? I do not know how the one is compatible with the other??

Enough of the disappointment that is Louise Mensch!

Instead lets rather talk about the wonderful lady that is @dorkymum
She has written one excellent blog post about politics and elections, which I urge you to go and read, it is magnificent! http://wp.me/p1wITf-wE

Someone else on twitter, not sure if it was meant to be sarcastic or not, was talking about the Republican Party being the obvious, natural allies of the Conservatives over here? To that I can only say “what planet are you on that you really think many Tories actually identify with the Republicans?” Have you compared the core values of Romney and Cameron? That is ( pardon the language ) utter bullshit! But then a lot of Tories get misrepresented in the media anyway!

To every American who reads this I urge you please vote Obama!! To all the serious politicians over here I like to say this: Don’t be like Louise Mensch! Don’t argue one point publicly and then endorse someone who clearly is against the points you argued about days earlier!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

2 thoughts on “Obama vs. Romney or how a chick lit author lost all her feminism kudos

  1. any woman who votes for Romney is an utter idiot! any man too, for that matter, but, as a woman, it is just diabolical. Abortion only for rape or incest, he says. Well, society, and not just the economy, would collapse quite quickly if that was really the case.

  2. OK, you threw down a challenge, so I’ll accept it! What would Labour do better? Ed Balls’ 5 point plan is a good starting point.

    1. Reversing the rise in VAT, returning it to 17.5%
    2. A cut in VAT to 5 per cent for home improvements
    3. A one-year National Insurance tax break for small firms who hire extra workers
    4. Another bank bonus tax
    5. Bringing forward investment in infrastructure projects including schools and roads.

    We also wouldn’t hav allowed a tax cut for millionaires worth £40k a year and then see disabled peoples’ benefits withdrawn and those most in need forced into poverty. We all know that cuts need to be made, but Labour favour making them over longer than one Parliament. I believe the Labour approach would halt the rise in unemployment and ensure that the burden really IS borne by those with the broadest shoulders.

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