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Trials & tribulations with @threeuk


I am getting rather fed up with my network coverage lately! One minute it is there, has a good connection, next minute nothing works!

Like all throughout the night and until now! The signal just drops out completely! Normally that would be a bit annoying but not the end of the world! As we just moved and we have been told that we can’t have a landline nor any sort of Internet connection until the end of this month this is my lifeline! Just imagine I had an emergency when my lovely wife isn’t around? I couldn’t phone anyone and would have to see if any of the neighbors would be kind enough to help and let me use their phone!

This situation is completely unacceptable! I understand that we been having some bad weather lately, but not as bad as some other times I remember and I still had full signal?

By the way just remembered something else that us rather annoying! As I mention earlier in this post we won’t be getting a landline nor Internet access until the end of this month which means I am confined to 3G on my iphone 4 which means I want to check my data allowance on a regular basis. However the three app and the website as well keep saying ” my 3 is currently unavailable ” as I am on a contract which prohibits me from getting all you can eat data it is vital that I can check my data allowance because I wouldn’t want to have to pay extra!


I keep getting these text messages from three about their great add-Ons which incidentally is about all you eat data for an extra £3 a month!

I’d be ecstatic if I could actually take up that offer, but the kind of contract I am on prohibits me from taken advantage of this add-on!

Do I have to physically Opt-out of getting texts from three, why on earth can’t they work out only to send texts like that to people who are actually eligible to take up those offers?

Oh and one more thing how many different people are manning the three twitter account? I explained what is/has happened once and then I sent them another tweet saying that I couldn’t access their app and check my data allowance. So the response I got was: ‘you can’t access it if you’re on wifi only on 3G.

What was the point of that? Anyway enough of my rambling about three I’m sure you have more interesting stuff to do/to read!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

3 thoughts on “Trials & tribulations with @threeuk

  1. I know that we have, as a society, come to increasingly depend on our mobiles for communication. But it is a grave mistake that we are all making in doing so. Mobile networks, in particular, are subject to all manner of service interruption. Being radio that is the nature of the beast. Coupled with constrained investment, by all networks, we cannot come to rely 100% on any mobile network operator for continuity of service.

    This year we have seen major network outages from O2, Vodafone and Three at least. T-Mobile and Orange have their own curiousnesses (the Voice Calls to Voicemail are a particular irritation of mine that prevents me ever having a service with Orange).

    You asked in your Tweet “… am I overreacting?”. I’d say no, it is a reasonable expectation of yours (ours). But unfortunately, the reality is unlikely to ever meet that expectation. So we have to be very cautious on how much we rely upon mobile communications, and what for.

    My advice, as you’ve just moved into a new area, is to check out the OFCOM Sitefinder website to see which network masts are nearest to you and see if you can grab a PAYG from the matching network. If you’re lucky, one with loads of minutes, texts and “unlimited” Internet (ie. giffgaff) or a “free” network like Onvivo or similar.

  2. Totally pissed off springs to mind. Bloody crap. Guessing they aren’t going to sort.

  3. Just cancelled my 3 Mifi in the last couple of weeks. Totally fed up of it and took me 3 phonecalls and about 1.5 hours to make them cancel it for me 😦 O2 all the way for me now x

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