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Parent & child parking continued


If you don’t want to read about parent and child parking click away now!

I know I’ve already about this once, but I still find it absolutely irritating and annoying when people just totally ignore what these spaces are actually for!

We should start giving people fines if they park in a parent & chid parking space without having a child with them.

Obviously there should be some proper guidelines with this, like for example I think that between 8am and 6pm only parents/guardians/people with kids should be allowed to park in these spaces. I also think there should be an age limit on these spaces. Lets see, how does 0 to 7 sound! At 8 your kid should be old enough to not need any additional help to get out of the car? Over course kids with special needs would be the exception, but then if you have kids with special needs you should be able to park in the handicapped spaces as well! Same goes for kids without special needs. When all parent & child parking spaces are in use and you have a child with you, you ought be allowed to park in the disabled parking spaces!

A few days ago I went to a Sainsbury because they had a special offer on diet coke and I saw a ‘white van’ parked in a parent child parking space, upon closer inspection there actually was a child seat fitted on the passenger seat, which begs the question how does that work in the eyes of the law where it states that you’re not allowed to have your child in the front seats until a certain age!

The other day I went to tesco because they had a rather special offer on something and was following a Peugeot 206cc which then pulled into a lane of the car park which had no entry signs put up, and then she parked in a parent & child parking space without having a child seat, not a child in her car! That’s two things that annoyed me straight away!

Yesterday I went to the same tesco I was the other day and this car parked next to me:


When the driver got out it was a smartly dressed Middle Aged woman, not child seat, no child.

Herewith my rant ends!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

3 thoughts on “Parent & child parking continued

  1. yeah! Point well made! I totally agree. One Christmas I was driving round and round Sainsbury’s carpark (along with about 100 other people) looking in vain for a free space. My frustration hit boiling point as a tiny sports car cheekily turned into a parent/child space which had just become free. I wound down the window and (I am not proud of this) yelled at the driver – carefully and (not so) politely explaining that it was for people with children, duh. It was only when she got out the car (to hit me I expect) that I saw the baby seat in the back of that tiny sports car… I blushed, said sorry, quickly wound my window up and make a sharp exit…

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Parent spaces are VITAL with twins coz u need a LOT of space each side to get them in and out (espesh in car seats).

    I was shocked to see at my local Asda it said children under 12! Why do ten year olds need help getting out the car?

    I too had an incident with a white van man. Thinkin bout making some “you lazy bastard” signs to slap on the windscreens of able bodied, childless people who park in these spaces.

    On the front seat thing… It’s only illegal to hav kid in the front if front airbags are activated. We hav disabled our passenger airbag so Bunny can sit in the front (its quicker on the school run if she sits in front). X

  3. I agree entirely – but on the special needs things – my daughter is the size of a 12 year old (at 7) – so what would you think if you saw me parking in parent and child space with her? She needs the extra space to get out because her coordination isn’t great and you value the paintwork on your car. We’re not entitled to a blue badge because she’s not disabled. I am first to be sucking my teeth and throwing evil looks at those parking without children in the car but it’s kind of made me think that I must look a bit weird! I am perfectly entitled to park in those spaces (7yo and 5yo) but I wonder what others think *dashes off to worry*

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