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Our new house!

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I wrote this two weeks ago, haven’t really had a chance to do much more with it:

Now that the purchase has gone through without a problem I feel I can finally say what I wanted to say from the start! The guy who we bought the house from didn’t know what he had there? It’s an absolute Gem of a house!


It’s in maidenbower, I don’t wish to sound nasty or anything, but it is the better part of crawley! We loved the location, the look of the place and the potiential, so we went for it!

When we got the fixtures and fittings form for the first time to check what was going and what was staying I thought they were having a laugh, unfortunately they weren’t. The satellite dish & almost all the cabling are gone. The towel rails & toilet roll holder and the mirror in the cloakroom have vanished! Even the ladder that was screwed into place for the storage space in garage has gone. And the fire guard to the gas fire that is in the lounge is gone as well!

It’s all legal and above board, but honestly who wants to go through all that trouble? This one clearly did, but hey it done now, the house is ours! Which means we can do it up the way we like it.

By doing it up I don’t mean that there is much we need to do, basically all that needs doing is replace the stuff the “over meticulous” previous owner decided to take with him!

But in the mean time we are thinking of just taking the barest minimum with us over there and camping out? We were thinking if we were actually over there rather over here we might actually do stuff instead of just putting the boys to bed and then tidy up and watch Telly. If we were camping out ( so to speak ) over there we’d be more inclined to put the stair gates up, we’d be more inclined to put the shelving unit up? Anyway that’s the theory! We still need to talk to sky about moving!

So most important things have now been sorted!


We now have almost everything in the house, need to add a couple more things to it at a later date, but we are very happy with it and with the area! All 4 of our boys love it ( our two toddlers & our two cats )! We do have the stair gates up, but the big shelving unit we call ‘the pigeon holes’ we haven’t put up yet!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “Our new house!

  1. Yay! Happy House Warming wishes! Looks lovely and you seem to have loads done already!

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