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Apple store 3rd time lucky??

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My iPhone is playing up big time. Can’t access anything anymore. At first I was thinking is there something wrong with the three network? Then I thought, no it’s far more likely that it is my iphone.

The first time I went to the Apple store @ Bluewater shopping centre was because the on/off button at the top stopped working. An iPhone luckily works perfectly well without this button, as the guy at the genius bar at the store said he couldn’t fix it as it was out of warranty but for £120 I could have a swap for the exact same model brand new. I didn’t go for it as I said the iPhone works perfectly well even without that button.

The 2nd time I went to the same Apple store was because my iPhone didn’t pick WiFi signals up anymore.

Well the only ways it would pick them up was if I stood right next to the router or was at my sister in laws place, as her Husband is a proper IT expert and as he occasionally works from home he needs to have a professional network set up, there my phone has no problems picking up a signal. Here at home or anywhere else for that matter, no way.

All the guy at the Apple store said ‘it is a hardware problem we can swap the phone against a brand new one for £120 as it is out of warranty.’ Not what was actually wrong with it, or being appologetic and to some extent sympathetic, no it sounded more like he was just repeating the company guidelines!

So now I’m going to the Brighton store tomorrow as my iphone has had a turn for the worse. It now doesn’t want to receive any signal whatsoever. I can’t even send a text or make a call! That’s why I am writing this on one of the 1st generation HTC smartphones. Being used to the user friendly iPhone this phone is a bit pants, it’s still better than no phone at all though!

The way things are going at the moment, especially with the move we are in the process of securing I just can’t justify the expense of a new phone, with contract or without!

Let’s hope they can do something for me?

I suppose the difference between the phones is a bit like the difference between Pepsi & Coke. You can live of Pepsi but it just isn’t the same as a nice ice cold coke!

I can make do with the HTC but I far rather had a properly working iPhone!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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