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1st anniversary of this blog!

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Today is the first anniversary of this blog! I set it up and wrote the first post entitled ‘my first blog’ a year ago today, not because I wanted the world to know every little detail about me and my life, I didn’t start blogging as a way to make money or get freebies. No the first blog was about something that annoyed me.

By the way the two posts on my blog that predate “my first blog” were imported from my Lifejournal site! I never really got on with Lifejournal as such, very sporadically posted things on there. When my situation changed and I began to be more active on twitter I decided to try this blogging lark and created this site.

A lot has happened in the year since I created this blog site. From our Alex having emergency surgery at Southampton General to Eddie coming home first, Alex having some more problems, that time with a pulmonary stenosis, which again was sorted at Southampton General, then in November Alex coming home as well. Our first Christmas as parents to my dad coming over to England for the first time in January. Seeing the boys grow and develop, having the first reasonably serious illness for the boys, where we camped out in our bedroom for days, well that was the easiest way to keep two little boys with gastroenteritis comfortable. Having a two week holiday from home while looking after my sister in laws place, while they were in Florida for my brother in laws wedding. To June this year when we got married at the Leatherhead registry office. The final big events this year were both my parents coming over to see us & the boys, the 1st birthday of our boys, the 1st anniversary of the passing of our first born Richard. And the marriage blessing & christening bonanza, which by the way I will hopeful get to write about soon.

Quite the eventful year I have to say, let’s hope that things have slowed down and got quieter by the 2nd anniversary of this blog!

Now in honor of the first anniversary of this blog I would like to open up my blog to guest posts. I would just like to remind potential guest bloggers that I don’t do this for the stats, just because I want to and if people want to read what I have to say and actually like it and recommend it to friends that’s lovely and I thank you for it, but it’s not the reason I do this, so any potential guest blogger would have to be clear on the fact that stats aren’t that important to me!

Let’s see the first guest posts I would like to publish on my blog should be about your journey, how did you meet the father/mother of your children and when and how did you decide you wanted children? If anyone would like to write a post about that and would like me to publish it here on my blog that would be very much appreciated!

If you are interested in having a guest post on my blog, please contact me via twitter: @markusj75 or via email: Seibert.markus@gmail.com

Again thank you very much for reading!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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