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what really grinds my gears pt 2

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There have been a few things recently that have rather annoyed me. So here is part 2 of ‘what really grinds my gears’. Part 2 you wonder, wel I already did a post by this title so I thought I’d continue alone these lines. Here you can find the first post under the title

Let’s start with the Daily Mail. I know there are quite a few things that are not quite right with the Daily Mail or ‘Daily Fail’ as some people have started calling it.

The daily mail have yet again either just written about or actually themselves comissioned a survey where people on the street where asked which celebrity they would most likely ask for advice about being a mother. The person that came out with the most mentions was Amanda Holden. Now the problem with that is that a lot of celebrity Mums or just rich Mums in general have a Nanny, alledgedly Madonna has ‘3 live-in nannies’. This sort of poses its own problems, why would you want kids in the first place if you just hand them over to the nanny? But that’s a whole different story.

The thing I don’t like about all this is: Why would you ask someone like Amanda Holden or Victoria Beckham for that matter what it is like to be a mother or ask for advice about being a mother? With the huge amounts of money they have do they actually know how to live in the real world nowadays? I unfortunately do not think so! Therefore I suggested when I came across all this on Twitter that we should make our own list of people to contact when you have questions about being a mum or about parenting as such!

My Top 5 of twitterpeople to ask for advice about being a parent and parenting on the whole looks like this:


Ok the next topic on my list is ‘Mumsnet’.

You would think that an organisation like Mumsnet would be interested to showcase Blogs of Mums from all walks of life? Unfortunately this isnt the case as Emma @Therealsupermum found out. Enmma found that ‘Mumsnet’ like to have Blogs on their network which show the Family as such in a rosetinted view. Well Emma doesnt do that, her blog consists of Posts that are send to her by people (not just mums, dads and their children) who have serious problems not everyone wants to read about. I’d be the first to hold my hand up and say that I’m not entirely comfortable reading some of the posts Emma has on her site. She does provide a valuable service though. This SAHD would like to publicly state that Emma @Therealsupermum does provide a very valuable service and I commend you for it. Mumsnet you ought to rethink your policies.

Now the next and final topic on this little list of annoyances is Norwich Council:

You can find all you need to know about why Norwich Council annoyed me and many others on this ladies blog: http://iwantmymummy.co.uk/ The lovely lady behind the site Iwantmymummy.co.uk is on twitter under the name of @wantmymummy She was recently given a council house by Norwich Council. The state this house and surrounding Area was in when she moved in was a absolute and total disgrace. I get having to make due and sprucing a place up , but this was just above and beyond. It was so bad that some wonderful people on twitter pulled together and came up with a plan of action. Some people actually went to norwich to help this wonderful lady out, some people helped with donations and little gifts, some others who werent in a position to help in those ways, help in the way of pointing these problems out to their followers by form of RT’s, tweets & blog posts. The generosity and willingness to help other people was just amazing. Norwich Council ought to be ashamed of themselves!

So I like to end this rant with urging you to go visit the blogs of:

@therealsupermum http://www.therealsupermumblog.com
@wantmymummy http://iwantmymummy.co.uk
@mammasaurusblog http://mammasaurus.co.uk and
@mummybarrow http://www.mummybarrow.com


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “what really grinds my gears pt 2

  1. Thank you for your support with the Mumsnet incident – rather unfair to be singled out I am a Mum who blogs therefore I am a Mummy Blogger and that’s what they say they accept. OK so im a little unusual and feel more comfy talking about depression and self harm rather than face cream and nappies, but hey that’s my real life so my blog reflects that. But to be singled out and booted hurt. So much for a nice blogging community!

    As for asking celebs parenting advice, maybe it would be easier to ask their nannies?

    Norwich Council are like many others, I own a rather large mums group on Facebook and I see regularly mums in a state of desperation after being handed over keys to their so called new house to find it in such a state its a danger to their kids. Some are single mums with no income – what hope do they have with no support? Disgusting!

    Fab blog post !

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