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supermarket annoyances

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This is a little rant and also an apology to tesco! You might find this petty or not worthwhile reading, but this annoyed me so I thought I share!

First of I’d like to appologize to the team which works on the twitter account @uktesco I found a picture a friend put up which, as my friend and I thought it genuine and from a tesco store, I brought it to the @uktesco twitter accounts attention. The apology I’d like to make is this:

I am sorry about this whole thing, linking the image with Tesco UK, it was about the inappropriateness of the picture which apparently is of Canadian origin. The top adboard says “Back to school” and underneath is a full on display of assorted Knives! As the picture was found to be of Canadian origin I would like to appologize for thinking someone at tesco would find this an acceptable promotional tool. Instead I should investigate which Canadian store chain was responsible for this irresponsible display!

Now to the bit that annoyed me! At the moment tesco has some good offers on Diet Coke, but unfortunately the best offers for diet coke, the 12 & 24 packs are constantly out of stock!

The question here is has tesco underestimated the demand on these diet coke packs and therefore didn’t order enough or do I constantly come to the store too early to pick any cans up which are part of that special offer??

That wasn’t most the annoying thing, although not being able to get the best offer on diet coke is pretty annoying as we absolutely love this stuff!

I was in our favourite and nearest store the other day and as so often recently no 12 or 24 packs were on the shelf! Someone in a tesco uniform, looked to be in his 50’s, was walking past, so I asked him if he could look for some diet coke out the back. His response was ‘I wouldn’t know where to start looking’ so the helpful person I am I pointed out he could ask a colleague and he came back with ‘who is there to ask?’ and walked off!

This reminded me of the brilliant response I got to a question I asked someone at Asda Crawley: have you got any twin baby trolleys? The answer was: if you can’t find any we haven’t got any! Which I did write a blog about as it annoyed me, here is the link to that post: Shopping with twins

It doesn’t matter in which field of retail you work, this sort of attitude is appalling and doesn’t do the brand as such any favors whatsoever!

What sort of strange and appalling conversations have you had with retail staff?


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “supermarket annoyances

  1. I went supermarket shopping early one morning just to get it done with. I was in the shop by 7,00am.
    The place was filled with middle manager types. Standing around talking about bunting. Shelves weren’t filled. Cages were in the way. The whole place had the attitude of “We couldn’t give a shit because no-one shops here at this time” which is a bit silly for a 24 hour shop.
    I asked one of them where something was he replied ‘Can you ask a member of staff?’ When I asked if he worked here he said ‘yes’. When I said that this surely made him a member of staff he said “No. I’m a manager.” I suggested to him that, as he was not a member of staff this must mean he was working there for free, which explained his poor attitude.
    No-one fucks with me at 7.00am in a supermarket.

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