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Parents have left!

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So my parents from Germany have left again.

When my dad came over on his own for the first time, it was January and he stayed about two weeks, I wrote these posts about the whole thing:



Let’s start at the beginning!

In the beginning God made the heavens and the Earth! NO not that far back, lol

Their plane was supposed to take off @ 7.40pm German time and arrive at Heathrow T5 about 8.20 pm local time on Sunday 05/08/12 I kept checking the relevant website for possible delays and at first it said the plane would be delayed for 15 minutes, then 30 min, then an hour and finally it was cancelled all together! I then phoned British airways and they were less helpful this end. I called Frankfurt airport twice with a message for my parents, once just to call me back and the 2nd time I left my phone number as well.

When I finally Managed to get in contact with them, they were at one of the airport hotels.

The Uk representative from British Airways I spoke to was less than helpful just told me they ought to make their own arrangements!

The British airways representative in Germany however gave them a hotel voucher together with dinner & breakfast coupons as well! So a day later than planned they arrived at heathrow! Even though the Olympics were still going I didn’t have a problem going to heathrow, nor coming back.

I was going to write about the things my mum & dad have done while they’ve been here, but it just doesn’t seem fair to tell the whole world what their foibles are and what particularly annoys me about them. Just suffice to say a lot of people have good points and bad points to make about their parents. It’s worrying if you only recall the bad points I reckon?

Even the best parents tend to have some bad points, only a few mind you, but nonetheless they do have them.

I suppose I might not have found my parents behavior as strange than say my “new” family, but then they haven’t had it for 25 years, have they? I could sit here and tell you my mum did this and my dad did this and they both said that, but is it really necessary to give people I don’t or hardly know precise details on what’s annoying and wrong about my parents?

My dad wants to come back in march, with my mum saying that it be easier and cheaper if she stayed at home that time and come over in July for my Dads 70th birthday.

The bottom line with this is that my Mum conducted herself more as I expected and didn’t really surprise me in any form, not like my dad!


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SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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