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Stressful times ahead!?

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Ok so we got married, but before that there was a big exam Dr B had to take to be able to practice independently as a GP, in GP circles it is referred to as ‘the CSA’. Dr B did pass it and soon after started looking for her first non-training GP position! She only had 3 interviews until she clinched a deal for a new job once her training contract comes to an end next month.

If you followed me on twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you know what kind of car Dr B drives. It will become less economical to use it once she starts her new job, which got us thinking.

At first we were just thinking of downsizing the car, but then we looked at our boys and our house and thought: ‘what about upgrading the house?’

We love our house we are in at the moment, but there will come a time when it will be too small for us! These 2 boys of ours will need some more space as they get older! Proper play room, they’ll want their own room. Maybe could do with another Bathroom and/or an en suite for us.

Selling your house, then buying another one, all the legal shit you have to deal with and then the actual moving, while having 2 little boys will be quite stressful, but we are hoping not to move again until the boys go to university or at least until they finish school! that said we would quite like them to go to university, ok it’s a long way off yet. But I’m sure we can’t be the only ones who when the kids are not even toddlers to think what we would like the two of them to turn out like?

So yes now comes the arduous journey of looking at Right move, shortlisting houses we like the look of, checking out the location of the properties on our short list and if we like the area and actual look of the property from the outside, ringing the estate agent to arrange a viewing.

The other part of the puzzle will be to get estate agents round to look at our house and give us a valuation. The thing that strikes me with though is, will we get a figure that reflects the current market or would we get a figure that sounds too good to be true and most of the time is as well!

We now have found a property we are interested in. It is nice and close to Dr B’s new place of work, has some lovely features, all in all we could see ourselves in that property quite happily!

Altogether we’ve seen about 20 properties, of which half we actually seen the inside of. The ones we didn’t arrange a viewing, we either didn’t like the area, the amount of cars parked each side of the road at different times or it looked more impressive on Rightmove than it looked when you actually went there yourself and had a look at it.

We’re hoping that the estate agent, who that house is with, will get back to us tomorrow as we decided that we liked it so much that we put an offer in straight away!

Then of course there is the other conundrum? Do you stay with your current Mortgage provider and chat to them about what you would like to do or do you go to a different provider?

Besides that there is yet another thing you need to take into consideration, you need to hide and re arrange bits & pieces!

It’s not enough to show people round or to get the agent to show them round! Unfortunately some people lack a decent imagination. Which means you have to hide a lot of your stuff, almost going as far as to completely remove your personality from the house. I suppose they are right in a way? You made the decision to move on, therefore you have to cut all ties with your home until it morphs from your home into a house, and the house you’re buying will morph from a house into your home!

Which in our case will hopefully not be too difficult? I only lived here nearly 3 years, whereas Doctor B lived here 10 years and before that she lived in the same street, but came to this same house on a very regular basis as her sister owned it before her! So she has known this house for about 20 years now! How easy will it be to leave all that behind?

Well I for one think it won’t be too difficult as the new house will be our family home, Mine, Dr B’s and the boys! The house we call home at the moment was purchased back then together with her Ex! So it will be our first house together in a way!

The other thing I am dreading is the clear out when we move! Will have to comprise a bit on what stays and what goes. Books are becoming a thing of the past I reckon, although it is still nice to physically hold one and turn the pages yourself and if you drop it, you’ll have the page you were reading & won’t have to get it repaired or buy a new one! So I don’t think I’ll be that upset to let some books go, but others I’d rather keep! Same with my CD & DVD collection I be quite happy to go through it and throw some out, but others I’d rather keep.

July 29th:

We are in the process of decluttering the house, yesterday we turned our 3rd bedroom which was used as a study into our nursery and the boys were supposed to sleep in their room for the first time, how that went you can see here:
trial seperation

This afternoon we’ll be off to a DIY store like B&Q might even go to a Garden Centre? There are a few things in the house that we think should be touched up. So that when, hopefully by end of next week, the first people to view this house arrive everything should be nice, neat, clean and tidy!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “Stressful times ahead!?

  1. Moving home has got to be one of the most stressful things ever! We are lucky enough to be in a house which we could feasibly stay in until the little man leaves home – we’re talking roughly 21 years here. I have been here for 12 years whereas my OH has only been in it for just over 2 1/2; we have slowly changed it into our home and it’s amazing the amount of junk I seem to have accumulated! It’s never the bricks and mortar but the people in a place that make it home. Wishing you luck in finding your first home together : )

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