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So Dr B and I got married yesterday at Leatherhead Registry Office!

It was as usual with big occassion like this, you hardly had any sleep the night before. I could blame it on our boys, but that would be unfair as they only woke twice during the night and both times settled back to sleep relatively quickly!

No Dr B was up and couldn’t sleep for quite a bit until I woke up about 4ish and after having had a brief chat with her we both decided it be best if she went into the spare and tried to get a few hours at least. Which then left me with the boys, who did wake up for a bit, not for very long. After the boys went back to sleep I then had my phase of not being able to sleep, so I looked around on twitter & Facebook and came across this piece of writing:

how much does a doctor make?

Which I not only found very interesting, it also reminded me of Dr B. Even though it was like 4.40 am I decided to write a blog about it, which you can find here: what does a doctor make

After I had finished that blog post about 5.20am I managed to have another snooze! The alarm went off at 8am which we thought would be enough time. It was just about, due to the fact that I had been running about the night before sorting a lot of stuff out that needed to be done for the next day! I really didn’t want the morning of the wedding being utter chaos and running around like headless chickens!

So we had breakfast, bathed, showered, shaved , etc. when it came to getting dressed the boys were not impressed in the slightest. They decided to be grumpy as! Both didn’t want to be dressed, and at one point we could have done with earplugs! Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to give in to their temper tantrums and really slow down the getting dressed process. I have once spent 2 hours trying to get them dressed, because they were so grumpy and screamy! but that’s by the by. By about 10.20 or so my sister in law and her hubby arrived in this lovely car:


Well to be fair they arrived in two cars, one for us which you can see above and another car which was for the boys! After we had everything packed, the boys were in their car seats and in their car, we set off for leatherhead registry office!

Dr B’s parents, and her Aunty, had already arrived. Everyone kept saying how smart we all looked, especially the boys!


Just after 11 o clock we were escorted into one of the rooms and were asked some questions so the lady could fill in the marriage certificate properly & correctly. After that we were given a very brief run down of the events to follow. Then we were announced to the Room and walked down the short aisle. Everything was kept very informal. There was no separate walking, no giving away, just the two of us walking down that short aisle.

The lady registrar spoke a few words then. After that we did the usual traditional words of why this marriage could not be happening, and as of course we both didn’t know of any lawful impediment why this marriage could not go through! Would have been a bit late and rather stupid to come out with that at that point!

After that we did the traditional vowels and exchange of the rings and then we had a kiss.

My now official Sister in law did a brief reading during the ceremony as well. A lot of people might actually know it, but here is a link to the actual words to it:

Shakespeare’s shall I compare thee

After all that was done, we got to sign the certificate and Dr B’s aunty & Dr B’s sister in law got to sign as witnesses.

We then made our way out to the garden area at the back of the building where many pictures were taken, by various family members. After that we went for lunch at Prezzo as it was literally just round the corner from the registry office!

All in all the ceremony was very lovely, the delivery by the registrar felt very warming and heartfelt. There is nothing worse than having the feeling that everyone at the registry office just went through the motions so to speak. In this instance however we didn’t have that feeling at all which just added to the whole event.

Even though everyone knows that babies at a wedding can be quite disruptive, we were very fortunate, our boys behaved themselves brilliantly, the odd grumble here and there, but no crying or screaming whatsoever!

After our lunch at Prezzo, which by the way was absolutely scrumptious. We made our way back to my in laws! Where there was a little spread of nice things prepared for all of us! Due to the scrumptiousness of our lunch at Prezzo we really didn’t feel like nibbling on much. The most Dr B and I had was a bowl of home made Tiramisu, made by Dr B’s aunty, it was really delicious, I honestly can’t remember ever having a Tiramisu that was nicer than that one made by Dr B’s aunty. She had really outdone herself there, and being in her 80’s it is quite an achievement to still being able to rustle up something that delicious!

In the early evening we said our goodbye’s, gave our boys a kiss and a cuddle each and headed for home. The Grandparents were so nice as to babysit over night!

We were still being chauffeured by my Sister in law. So we went home, changed outfits and afterwards about 8ish we met up with friends at our favourite local pub the feathers

A wonderful end to a wonderful day we thought!

To carry on the celebrations we’ll be heading up to Knebworth tomorrow to see ‘The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ which I am sure will be awesome! Thanks very much to the wonderful Nicola for getting the Tickets!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

4 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. As an ex-Registrar (who got married last September in my former place of work!) I love this! Congratulations to you both and your lovely boys!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day all round. The boys look adorable all dressed up. Congratulations to you both xxx

  3. Massive congratulations to you both! X

  4. Congrats! I’m so happy for you! I’m glad everything went well for you two. Many warm blessings!

    Many hugs,

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