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What does a doctor make?

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This certainly isn’t true of all doctors! We know all too well that there are ‘bad apples’ in most walks of life, as in most professions and the medical profession is not excluded from this. It should be, but then sometimes I have the feeling that we treat doctors in a similar way to how we treat our England Team ( of course I mean the football team )! When things go well they are the greatest and can do absolutely anything. When things do not go well we find fault in every little detail. It just is that you can’t sue the England team for being rubbish! ( ok at the moment they seem to doing well, but I’m sure you know what I am getting at? )

When a doctor is genuinely rubbish, of course go report him/her to the GMC and if they find him/her rubbish as well then they’ll hopefully do something about it. What I have a big problem with is when people don’t like what the doctor said or did and it isn’t actually wrong, it actually is the right thing to do, but you couldn’t see that because of the fact that the doc is a brilliant diagnostician but can’t actually communicate with the public very well.

Or on the other side of the spectrum the patient is too self important, too egotistic, too greedy or just too plain stupid to realize that the doctor just had your best interests at heart!

I am not saying all doctors are brilliant or doctors are always right. Doctors are just people like you and me! They are human beings and as such they are fallible just like anybody else. It is just that when they make a mistake it can end up costing somebody dearly!

I look at my significant other Dr Becky and I actually see her for what she is a fallible human being just like I am, just like our boys will be. But I also see how much this job means to her. She genuinely believes that she can make a difference! I genuinely believe she can and does make a difference! So yes I do see my Dr Becky as how it is described in this piece of brilliance. It is just another of the many reasons why i love her so much and why I am marrying her today!!


Author: SillyDaddy

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