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Shopping with twins

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So yesterday I decided to go to Asda Crawley to buy some more diet coke, they had the best offer on multipack’s of diet coke cans! Obviously I had the boys with me, who as you all know are going on 10 months! Unfortunately the buggy we have at the moment doesn’t fit in my car. So whenever I go shopping with the boys I need these twin baby trollies!

Which as you can see our local tesco extra at Gatwick has a plenty!

So I arrived at Asda Crawley, parked up and already was faced with a dilemma! I couldn’t see any of those specific trolleys anywhere near the parent & child parking spaces. I don’t know about you, but I tend to not want to have to walk away much at all from the car where my boys are in. So I thought rather than leaving the boys and going to find out if those trolleys are anywhere else, I quickly google the stores phone number. So I rang them up, had to wait for all the recorded stuff to finish and was finally put through.

I did tell them that I was outside in the car park with my twins, and that I couldn’t find any twin baby trollies. You know what the person on the other end said to me?

well if you can’t find any we haven’t got any!

So I replied: thanks I’ll have to go somewhere else then!

Now we regularly shop at the Gatwick Extra Tesco and can always get one of those trollies! Even Morrisons have these types of trollies!

I decided to be really quite generous, I’ll give Asda burg Heath a try next time I’m out ‘n about with the boys and if I can’t find any of those trollies there either, I shall continue to exclusively shop at Tesco! Because apart from Asda, Tesco is the cheapest big supermarket around!

I didn’t exactly expect someone to come rushing out and bringing one of those trollies over to where I was parked, if indeed they do have them? But a more helpful, more polite let-down would have been nice!

Oh and I haven’t actually looked at the other supermarkets if they have these trolleys! I am of course referring to Marks & Spencer, Waitrose or Sainsbury. I wouldn’t expect M&S or Waitrose to have those trollies, but an alleged Family Supermarket like Asda?

How do you feel the customer service is at the big supermarkets?


I went to the Burg Heath Asda yesterday evening without the boys and found that yes they do have the twin baby trolleys! So in future when I find sound good deals at Asda I shall take the boys to that one!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “Shopping with twins

  1. My local ASDA has ONE twin trolley… yes ONE!

    My local Tesco has many but they stack them behind about twenty other trolleys, therefore I have to move about twenty trolleys to get to them, then use baby wipes to clean them as they are so filthy!

    I actually haven’t tried any other supermarkets yet either. I often take the buggy and get the 5yo to push the trolley! lol.

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