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What really grinds my gears!

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Let’s start with Facebook! Someone I thought was a friend once never to my knowledge commented on pics & updates when we had all the problems with the pregnancy, the birth of the boys, etc. now I find out that she is pregnant herself and commented on her post announcing it, I don’t get a like, nor an acknowledgment, nothing! Plus some of the stuff she put on her Facebook account was so obviously dramatic.

Well some people just aren’t worth the effort really, I think I’ll redo my friends list again and bump some people off it!

Now to twitter there are some really strange people on there! from ultra left activists, like that deluded poor excuse for an activist called johnny marbles to people who have no idea that what they are saying is so offensive it’s untrue! One person I am following (which i am rethinking) says she has no or hardly any sympathy for poor people! Just this statement alone makes her sound worse than Nadine bloody Dorries!

Then there is this other lady I am reconsidering if I should still follow her. in one of her blogs she asks if people with more money than sense have to curtail their conversations just because there might be people around who are less well off?

Well yes I think they ought to, when they are with other people of the same ilk they can talk about whatever they like, but you should be able to tone down what you are talking about depending on where you are!

Perfect example are two friends of mine with a very similar profession. The one friend always tells everyone who will listen what she does for a living. The other friend doesn’t do that, not because she is ashamed of what she does, far from it. She knows the difference between appropriate and inappropriate!

Another perfect example of how strange some people’s behavior is. My Dr B is different to a lot of Doctors! There is still a significant number of doctors who come a privileged background who have never done a menial job in their life, who get university, medical school paid for by their parents and when they are qualified doctors they only socialize with other doctors and marry other doctors! I’m sure most of us have been to a doctor like that. One who can’t relate to the office worker who wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘which sick excuse can I pull that I haven’t use for a while’ and when they can’t think of one they go to work regardless.

My Dr B is different there, she has done retail jobs, office jobs, even call centre jobs! After a personal revelation she decided to go to Uni and from there to medical school! She didn’t have a trust-fund with which to pay for everything, between terms she didn’t jet off to aspen, monte Carlo etc. No she worked 2 jobs to finance it all and still ended up with a horrendously large student loan! But she can now relate to people who have a minimum wage job and try to make ends meet!

Since I became a daddy I’ve followed a lot of mums & dads on twitter, but still not totally sure if I shouldn’t unfollow one or two of them again? As I mentioned earlier there are some mummy bloggers around who do make some really funny statements!

Similar thing, recently I stumbled into a twitter arguement about controlled crying yay or nay? I definitely would say Nay!

Anyway I think that’s enough for now! If I can think of anything else that really gets on my nerves I’ll let you know!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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