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Facebook & alleged democracy

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Having just read this article Facebook governance is a farce

by @dennishorn it is hardly surprising that there is some animosity towards Mark and his cronies! As Dennis so rightly put it, Facebook put up the governance page and said there would be significant changes to Facebook policies and they wanted the input of all Facebook users! How come they forget to advertise it to all users if they wanted their users to have a say? To make a difference in Mark’s plans there would have to be a no vote of approx 270 million users! So far just over 2 million have had their say, and it is dubious how many people actually know about this feature on Facebook? here it is, go and like it and have your say

On the other hand what is the alternative to Facebook? Google+ aren’t you just swapping one evil for another?

If you want to know more about this article I linked to in this post contact @dennishorn via twitter and ask him to translate his article into English!


Author: SillyDaddy

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