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Things to look forward to!

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Hi there, has been a while, hasn’t it? Well yes it has! Unfortunately the lack of time and inspiration meant that as you can see I haven’t posted anything since April 18th.

First thing to look forward to with some mixed feelings is the boys hernia operations this Friday at Southampton General. I know from my dr B and from other doctors that this is a routine surgery where 99 times out of a hundred nothing goes wrong, everything goes according to plan. Still it is surgery on my little boys! Alex has been knocked out twice so it is fairly safe to say he doesn’t have problems with anesthesia. Eddie however hasn’t had to have that yet, therefore we don’t know if and how he reacts to it. Let’s see what happens, I’m sure everything will be just fine, it has to be!

The next thing to look forward to after the boys had their operations is next week. Dr B’s final exam. I have every faith in my Dr B that she’ll pass this no problem at all.

After that there isn’t much happening until the second week in June when I believe Dr B will get the results of her exam!

Then after that we have two great occasions still left in June! Our Registry office Wedding and the following weekend we are going to see ‘the chilli peppers’ at Knebworth!

A registry wedding is much easier and less hassle for us, as we are for one more agnostic than religious and we both been married before, so we don’t need nor want another big white wedding! One of the many reasons we wanted to get it done in June was because of the simple reason that we are fed up of having to refer to each other as ‘other half’ ‘partner’ etc. we want to be able to say: my husband this / my wife that.

Our good friends Nicola & Martin came across the proposed gig of the chillies in June in Knebworth so they asked around if anyone wanted to go, so we said yes we’d love to, thinking that they’d send us a link to ticketmaster or something? No Nicola texted ‘ok booked the tickets we are all going to see the chillies yay’. They are just great both of them, and their kids are cool too! Nicola’s eldest is nearly 9 years old and she takes after her parents when it comes to music. She doesn’t like ‘one direction’ ‘jls’ and all the others! One of her favourite bands is the chilli peppers! But that’s a whole different story which I might tell you about at some point?

There is another thing happening in June, which nobody seems to be that excited about? When it was coming up to mothers day, everyone was going on about that it was Dr B’s first mother day, that you only have that once, that it is a real special occassion, and so on and so forth. I know it’s over a month away yet, but still I don’t see anyone yet make any fuss about fathers day?

Anyway the next big thing after that will be in July, my dad’s 69th birthday, yeah big party next year, and another big event in July will be Dr B’s birthday! Then in August comes the big one! The boys 1st birthday, the anniversary of Richard’s passing, and we’ll have a christening for the boys and a blessing of our marriage.

Then after that in September we are planning on going to France with Dr B’s sister and her husband. The first proper holiday with the boys! That should be fun!

But there is one date in the calendar I am very much looking forward to, as the boys will be more aware of it all this time, next years will be even more exciting for them!

Christmas will take on a whole new meaning for them and for us!

But hey let’s put things back in perspective! It is fine and also healthy to be looking forward to things and the anticipation to joyous events can be just as joyous as the event itself, but after all, so much can happen in the mean time that you ought to say to yourself: focus on the here and now a bit more!

So that’s what we’ll do, we focus all our energies on the boys hernia operations this Friday and hope it will indeed be a routine operation with no complications! We’re hoping to be able to take the boys home the day after! Which we were assured is the usual procedure for things like this if it’s straight forward and without any hiccups nor complications!

Almost forgot about it, there is another thing to look forward to! My first guest post on someone else’s blog! I’ll put up a link to it once it is up! The website my post will appear on is run by the fabulous @motherscuffer

I’ll leave you with this:

Each and every day is something to look forward to, because you never know what might happen tomorrow? Also with boys as young as ours there is something new almost every day! At the moment they are just starting to work out how to crawl.


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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