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the adventures of a new SAHD (so far so good)

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Ok so this is week 3 of being a SAHD! Week 1 was fairly easy as it was Easter and Dr B worked Wednesday & Thursday and was then off till the following Tuesday! Week 2 was again relatively easy as poor Dr B got a bout of a reasonably short, virulent gastroenteritis and couldn’t actually go to work till that thursday. So again only 2 days of actual work!

Whereas in week 1 our cat managed to skin his tail and luckily it was saturday & the boys were with the grandparents we were able to focus our attention on our cat. A few stitches, a lampshade collar thing and £250 later we got him back home!

Week 2 was spent mostly looking after Dr B and the babies, luckily neither the babies nor me caught it off of Mummy. But it does look bad when you only been at your new place of work for 2 days and are already sick again, through no fault of your own! That wednesday I left Dr B at home and went to the local Baby weigh in centre at a GP surgery virtually round the corner from us. I tend to listen to what the Health visitor has to say and if I had not heard any of it before I ask Dr B what she thinks about that cause I’m sorry I’d always run things a Health visitor says past an actual Doctor! besides which after all she is the mummy!

Now we are in week 3 and Sunday to Monday night any attempt at sleeping ended for me about 3 am. The boys decided to wake up every so often, and when I managed to get one back to sleep, the other woke up. I don’t actually mind that! It certainly is easier than when they both wake up at the same time, that can be rather challenging.

Yesterday I had to take our cat back to the Vet to have the stitches pulled, luckily the boys were at the grandparents! It all healed very nicely, no problems whatsoever!

Now it is Wednesday morning, having slept very little, but hey! Today Alex needs to go to Southampton General to get his heart checked out and see how his pulmonary stenosis is doing? To make things easier my wonderful Father in Law suggested leaving Eddie with Nana and we go to Southampton in his car! Yay I might be able to have another snooze! So that’s what we got planned for today!

But really I have to tell you having Grandparents who are so helpful and hands on as my In-Laws is just amazing! We can drop in almost always whenever we want! They give us a proper nights sleep twice a week now that my Dr B is back at work, before that it was once a week! They are just amazing! Well I suppose the boys gave them a new lease of life!? After all we are in our late 30’s and my in-laws are in their 70’s so they had already made peace with the idea of not having grand kids. The running gag in the family always was that they had Grand-cats instead!

Now that the boys are here it so to speak has taken years off of them! The old saying that most guys can’t get along with their mother-in-law doesn’t apply to me at all! I love my In-Laws they are fabulous!!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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