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Outside the box – a review

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After what was a very long time (we reckon around about a year and a half) we finally managed to go back to our favourite stand up comedy club outside the box Kingston run by Maff Brown & Ellie Quinn! It is on every Monday at the awesome fighting cocks bar & venue Kingston

I’m not very much into name dropping, but we have seen some big names at Maff’s club in the past and it always was a fantastic evening! This time was no exception! Obviously the big names who now and then drop by to try out some new material is a big plus for this incredible venue, the other plus points this venue has are it is relatively small, the ticket prices are extremely reasonable and the pub has very good prices too! Not to forget that Maff, who runs the show is also a very comedian and an excellent compare!

The opening act was as usual an unknown amateur comedian trying out 5 to 10 minutes of material. Which unfortunately at this instance wasn’t really all that, but then I’m sure a lot of comedians had to start somewhere?

Next up was the special guest. We (Dr Becky & myself) were under the impression that he would have been the last act, the headliner so to speak? I can only assume that he wanted to get home reasonably early, which Maff obviously didn’t have a problem with! After all it was non other than the brilliant Russell Kane!! absolutely new stuff, you had not heard/seen anywhere before! He did what, about 20 to 30 minutes I reckon?! All extremely funny, he managed to put down a bad heckle in spectacular fashion and involved myself in the last few minutes of his routine! It was absolutely amazing!

After such a performance a break was in order. 15 to 20 minutes later Maff’s next Edinburgh show was up, after all it is a work in progress, but I have to say that work in progress where some of it worked and some of it didn’t was still funnier than the guy who was on first and even funnier than some of the stuff that is on tv nowadays that is referred to as comedy!

After Maff’s work in progress the next act was quite good. Some good jokes, good observational humor, good storytelling, however I was left feeling that there was something missing, that she lacked something!

However all that was forgotten when the last act of the night came to the stage! John Moloney is hilariously funny! I hadn’t laughed that much for a long long time! I would even go as far as to say he was just as good as russell Kane earlier on!!

So please if you like your stand up with a well organized, well run, great ticket price & always great line up you have to come to the Outside the box comedy club. The locations are listed on the website OTB comedy club!!


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