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Some of my firsts…

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The delightful @mummylawyer tagged me in the ‘My firsts’ blog series. Haven’t actually been tagged in any blog series before, haven’t actually been blogging that long, so here goes nothing:

First of thanks to @mummylawyer for tagging me with this on twitter.

My first day at school was rather boring if I remember correctly. As I was a bit of a loner I didn’t have that many friends and therefore didn’t really know anyone in the class. Looking back at it now I would describe my first day of school as ‘utterly overrated’ back then obviously I wasn’t aware what that actually meant therefore I said it was boring.

There are certain moments that are forever etched in your memory. One such occasion for me was the first time I saw The Terminator on telly. My brother is 5 years older than me and dad got him the video of it. So one afternoon I snuck in and decided to watch it myself. As I never really managed to get away with anything my brother caught me watching it. All he said though was ‘ dont let Mum catch you watching this’. Back then my Mum was of the opinion I shouldnt be watching violent stuff like that.

As I written in my previous blog I got my firsts when it comes to Metallica wrong. My first album I got from Metallica was ‘…and justice for all’. If I remember correctly I got this album for christmas, the year it was released. That same evening my Dad came into my room to tell me to turn that noise down. Which already back then rubbed me the wrong way. You can say I dont like Metallica, would you mind turning it down. I dont like that sort of music, could you turn it down. Don’t say ‘turn that noise down’! I’m not going to say to someone ‘turn that noise down’ if they are listening to something I dont like. The next album I got was ‘Master of Puppets’ I got that for my next birthday the following february.

My first job I got when I came over to England in May 2000 was as a waiter in a Hotel Restaurant in Eastbourne. I wasnt exactly overwhelmed by the prospect of working there, but money was tight and while I was working there I was franticly looking for something else. I absolutely did not like working there. It was a below standard Hotel for Budget Holiday makers. The name was ‘The Majestic Hotel’ on the seafront in Eastbourne. Breakfast and Dinner was included in the packages, therefore I worked mornings and afternoons. After about 4 weeks I would have quit anyway, cause I just couldnt handle it anymore, that was just not me. Fortunately I got a job offer from Sainsbury that week.

The first time I saw my favourite band live was at Wembley Stadium with a work colleague called Emma. We unfortunately were up in the gods somewhere. The second time I saw Metallica was at the O2 Arena. Myself and a friend and work colleague managed to get second row from the front. Never had been that close at any concert before. It was just amazing.

The first time I saw my little boys was when they were delivered via C-section. Richard, then Edward and Alexander came last. It was the best and proudest moment ever.

I have another first which I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy. The first time I heard that Richard, our first born, had so many health problems that it was unlikely that he would make it I thought my whole world just imploded.

There are a hundred more firsts I could list here, but I dont want to bore you to death. If anyone would like to know more, just ask.


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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