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4.15am So my dad has safely arrived home earlier tonight! I don’t think I ever seen him apart from mum for more than a few hours or a day or two before. It’s been 2 weeks he was here on his own. I have come to realize the childhood memories I have of him which I classified as bad might not actually have been that bad, I just interpreted them as bad. The way he has speaking to me & about me over these past 2 weeks have been nothing less than remarkable. The way he was with our two boys was just astonishing. I used to always say ‘I love him cause he is my dad but I don’t particularly like him.’ Well that has changed. I never thought I’d actually say this but I shall miss him.

8am well not such a successful nights sleep! Dad would really be handy now, he could look after Eddie while I look after Alex and get mummy a couple more hours sleep! But hey can’t be helped.

What these past two weeks have shown me is that there is a big difference between looking after your own kids and looking after your grandchildren! The other thing is you ought to re-evaluate your view of your parents as an adult and never just go by what you remember how you felt about them as a child. I have finally come to the conclusion that having seen my dad in a different environment I have been too harsh on him for far too long!

Put the shortcomings from my childhood memories of him aside, seeing him on his own, in a different environment with his grandchildren he actually is a great Grandpa!

Thank you Dad!

Ps I didn’t even have to pay a therapist for this revelation!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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