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Team followback

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I still have a problem with the concept of this practice. It’s not just on twitter, also the equivalent on Facebook, but mainly on twitter! If your not using it for your business or are a bit of a celebrity why on earth do you need thousands of followers? My friends nicola & tanya both use their twitter accounts for their businesses as their both self employed. There I can perfectly unstand having hundreds & thousands of followers and following a similar amount of people. Again with celebrities I completely get it about the thousands of followers. I follow a decent amount of them myself. But why do you want to follow/be followed by loads of random people you have nothing in common with. Nearly all my followers I actually have something in common with and/or have actually met/had a chat with. Similar thing with the people I follow! Either friends&family, celebrities or people I have something in common with and tweet with ocassionally/regularly!

Living in the age of identity theft and so on this becomes even more of an issue on Facebook. Which is why it is a brilliant idea to personalize the privacy settings to
the individual, on the other hand if you have to have different privacy settings for different people shouldn’t you reevaluate why they are on your friends list in the first place?

Can people please let me know their views on this issues & if it is worth to jump ship from this blog providor to the Google equivalent & then sign up to g+??



Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “Team followback

  1. The team followback thing gets right on my wick! I ignore them.

    I’m confused… what has moving from WP to Blogger got to do with G+, Facebook or Twitter? I am on WP (self hosted) and I have G+. I personally find Blogger profiles harder to visit as often you can’t comment unless you have DisCus (which I don’t).

    BTW I nominated you for a SWAN award yesterday. I didn’t know which post you wanted nominated, but I did your one about premature births. x

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