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Would you believe it we never really got into CSI, never watched that much tv. The other night when we watched tv in bed, while feeding the boys we were flicking & came across an episode of Bones! Once that was finished CSI started, the boys didn’t show any signs of quieting down anytime soon, so we watched that episode from season 6. Now we’re watching an episode every night before bedtime.

I do love sky’s interesting schedule! The other day they showed the last episode of season 6 and the next day they showed ( not season 7 episode 1 that would be too obvious ) Season 10 episode 1 and the best thing
is we flicking earlier tonight and came to ‘cbs drama’ they were showing season 2 episode 6 I believe?
So all very strange from a scheduling point of view, but at least we get to watch quite a lot of CSI when we want to!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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