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Weekend in Wiltshire pt 2

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So after meeting some relatives on Friday and having that very disappointing meal we went back to our room and thanked the Grandparents for sitting the boys while we had dinner. We had quite a good night that night! The boys still don’t sleep through the night, but then what do you expect, according to their due date, they should only be about 7 weeks old!

Saturday morning we did the swapping again. Grandparents were for breakfast first, while we fed the boys, by which time Nana & Granddad came back, took the boys and we went next door for breakfast.I have to say after the disappointing meal the night before I was a bit skeptic about breakfast, but it was absolutely brilliant. Full english & scrambled egg & bacon on toast was ordered by us. Followed by toast with marmalade & apricot jam. Nice cups of coffee. All in all very nice & perfectly prepared.

After breakfast we got ourselves ready & went over to the Melksham Asda to buy a couple of bits & pieces. Afterwards we went to Leekes to meet up with some more relatives.


We all sat at the Cafe in Leekes having a light lunch together, introducing our two little boys!

Later we went back to where we were staying & actually had a little nap.

That evening we decided to look somewhere else to eat dinner.

We had been talking about a curry earlier that day, so we thought it was brilliant when was came by tale of spice just outside chippenham. Unfortunately as it was Saturday night the restaurant was incredibly busy and there were no tables available. After driving around chippenham for a while without finding anywhere to park, nor finding an interesting place to eat we went back towards where we were staying and came by the plough again. We decided to stop off there for dinner. The dinner itself was very good, we thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. However we did feel rather bad afterwards, which in hindsight unfortunately we definitely
attributed to the Beef Wellington Dr B had. I don’t know how many couples still do this, but we always try each others dishes when we’re eating out. Which is why I felt a bit rubbish as well!

The rest of the night wasn’t that great either, besides not feeling to great, the boys were a little grizzly & we didn’t get as much sleep as we would have liked.

Sunday morning was spent clearing, cleaning & packing up and going back over for another good breakfast.

So all in all the jolly huntsman was a great place to stay for the weekend with 2 little boys & Nana & Grandad!

once we had everything & everyone packed into the Jeep again we went over to West Swindon to meet up with the rest of the relatives we hadn’t seen yet. The house was absolutely stunning! It was an extended barn conversion, with all the charm & features you’d expect, unusual layout, exposed beams, great flooring. It made me think we stepped into one of Kevin McCloud’s episodes of Grand Designs!

We ended our weekend away with calling in on Dr B’s Sister & Brother in Law & had a delicious Indian takeaway in the process.

All in all a very enjoyable weekend, and we got to eat all our meals at the same time! For anyone who has 2 or more children surely knows that it can actually be quite impossible at time to have dinner at the same time & that you end up eating in shifts.


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “Weekend in Wiltshire pt 2

  1. Very interesting to read, my son didn’t sllep all night till he was 9 months, and at 23 years old l still worry about him, my children have wonderful grandparents like yours have, l enjoy seeing your boys, they are so lovely, Jenny

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