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Weekend in wiltshire pt 1

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We set off from home Friday afternoon, in our jeep which we affectionately call ‘the big black baby tank’! Grandad at the front with Dr B, Nana wedged between Alex & Eddie, and myself right at the back.
About 2 hours later we arrived in Kington St Michael @ the jolly huntsman.A quaint little village pub with adjacent accommodation.The rooms are very nicely furnished & decorated.

We had stayed here once before, and this time we had the bigger family room.The rooms are clean, tidy with en suites.The staff are very friendly, the pub itself is a wonderfully, old fashioned English pub.Unfortunately the only thing that lets the whole experience down slightly is the food!

The breakfast included in the overnight stay is good, I’ll give you that. However if you have lunch and/or dinner at the jolly huntsman you are disappointed, for the simple reason that the food should be better! The rooms are lovely & at a good price, the people are ever so friendly & helpful, you can’t help but feel the food ought to be better than it is!

I give you an example: Friday nights dinner: the starter was a curried beef soup.Out came a bowl of cream with very little flavor & very little actual beef! The main course was as it said on the menu Pancakes with Chicken & Bacon and sautéed potatoes. What came out was a plate of disappointments! The pancakes with chicken & bacon might have been quite nice, unfortunately all you could really taste was cream, due to the massive amount of some sort of creamy sauce & the potatoes were A joke! Sauté potatoes it said on the menu, we got deep fried slices of new potatoes!

That was Dr B’s plate.

I actually fully enjoyed the starter I had, I chose ‘thai fishcakes’.The fishcakes had a lovely flavor to them, the dipping sauce had a nice little kick to it all in all very nice indeed. For mains I decided to go with the Bison steak chips & vegetables. I love steak in any shape or form! So I thought Bison steak sounds nice.Well what came out was a steak with a lovely flavor, unfortunately it was as tough as anything, the peppercorn sauce was more like cream with a few peppercorns thrown in for good measure, the vegetables were bland & due to the sheer creaminess of the sauce the chips were a bit soggy.

All in all the advice here would have to be: i do think you should by all means stay @ the jolly huntsman, the rooms with breakfast are good value for money, are nice, clean & comfy! The staff are ever so helpful! But go somewhere else for lunch & dinner!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “Weekend in wiltshire pt 1

  1. I would give anything to be in a real English pub right now, I would overlook soggy pancakes and everything….

    Sounds like a place worth a visit though, even if they could do with a kick up the backside in the kitchen! Maybe you should let them know if it’s the only thing letting it down, a little constructive criticism never did anyone any harm!?

    Thanks so much for joining us over at Loveallblogs Travel Section this week! Emma 🙂

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