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Something for the weekend!

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So I’ve recently complained to the BBC as they are canceling SFTW by March! the thing that makes me laugh is the wishy washy reply I got from the BBC, I suppose I should count myself lucky that I got a reply at all? I find it a darn shame that an entertaining show like SFTW is being cancelled! Even though Tim Lovejoy is an avid Chelsea supporter, which is wrong on so many levels, his presenting skills have luckily not suffered because of this! Louise Redknapp is a pleasure to watch, she is not just wonderful to look at, she also has very interesting opinions and is just as good at this presenting business as Tim! Simon Rimmer is not just a talented chef, he as well is brilliant at this presenting lark! Why doesn’t the BBC give him his own Cookery show? Then there is the genius that is Wayne the cocktail guru! He’s hilarious, hopefully we’ll see him again at some point?

Anyway here is the email I got from the bbc as a reply to my complaint about the cancelation of SFTW:

Dear Mr Seibert

Thank you for contacting us with your complaint regarding the future of the series ‘Something for the Weekend’.

We have received a number of complaints about this programme being decommissioned. In order to reply promptly and use the licence fee efficiently we therefore regret we cannot respond to people individually or address every detailed point raised and are sending our response to everyone to explain the decision.

‘Something for the Weekend’ has been decommissioned in order to prioritise BBC Two’s daytime budget to specific parts of the schedule. Whilst we remain committed to ensuring we continue to provide the broadest range of programming across the schedule, we have had to cut back on some of our original daytime commissioning, particularly at the weekend. The last edition of this programme will therefore go out in March. We are fully aware that some viewers would prefer that we protected this series and dropped other programmes or services instead, but that would simply result in the same reaction coming from another part of the audience. There will always be valid arguments for retaining individual programmes and we are never going to be able to please everyone when difficult decisions have to be made.

We regret that for these reasons this series will not be returning to BBC Two. We do, however, wish to thank you for contacting us with your appreciation for the programme.

Thanks once again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints


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