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First night without baby!

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So we had our first Saturday night without kids! Eddie is still at the grandparents & Alex is still at Queen Alexandra hospital Portsmouth. Hoping to get him home tomorrow?!

Which we decided to celebrate by going out for dinner and then drinks at the pub with some friends!

We decided to go to Frankie & Benny’s in Redhill! We’ve had an excellent dinner at Frankie & Benny’s Chichester some time ago, so we thought we have one of those on our doorstep lets try that one!

We went in and first had to wait a few minutes until someone acknowledged our presence and pointed to the table that was free, she didn’t take us to the table, just pointed and arrived a couple of minutes later with the menus! You’d have thought by that time she’d have taken our drinks order? Well she didn’t, she gave us the menus and went! We had been sitting at that table chatting and then looked at the time and were surprised that it had been over 25 minutes since we entered the restaurant and hadn’t even had the opportunity to give a drinks order! After a couple more minutes we decided to leave the restaurant, they obviously weren’t that interested in our money!

So there we were at 9pm on a Saturday night having just wasted about half an hour, having a conversation about what to have for dinner! Then we saw KFC opposite and decided to go there! Not exactly the dinner we had planned, but a) we were hungry and b) were a bit cheesed off with restaurant waiting times!

We hardly drink at all, now that we are supposed to be responsible & respectable parents! But as one was with the grandparents and the other still in Portsmouth we thought ‘Why not’ and the answer did become apparent later on that night! In hindsight we really should not have gone to the 2nd pub (white lion) that’s where things started to go wrong!

Don’t get me wrong I used to really like this pub, it’s virtually next door to some friends of ours, so it’s nice and convenient! But what happened last night makes me think if I want to go back there at all?

We had a glass too much and my lovely lady unfortunately started retching, it looked like she was going to vomit any second! Whereas I completely agree I shouldn’t complain it was all self induced, I do however resent the words we then heard from the landlord/pub owner ( or whoever that old guy with the grey hair thought he was ): he was going on about that we hadn’t gotten drunk in his pub, that we had already gotten drunk elsewhere, that he didn’t condone that sort of behavior in his pub and that we could do whatever we wanted off his premises!

All that made me feel really rather angry, I was looking after my lovely lady, otherwise I would had a word or two with that guy!

We might have had a couple of drinks somewhere else. The thing is my lovely lady was driving from pub 1 to pub 2 and we wouldn’t have done that if we had like that hypocrite in pub 2 said had already been drunk, cause we never drive when intoxicated!! On the other hand isn’t it against their license rules to serve people who are intoxicated in the first place?

Also his tone of voice was such that I felt like he was assuming we did this sort of thing on a regular basis!

It’s all totally hypocritical first selling someone drinks and then when you end up drunk as a skunk ushering that person out and pretending nothing had happened!!

All in all not a very successful first night off from being parents! but hey you live and you learn!

Definitely won’t be in a hurry to return to the white lion! My favourite pubs still are ‘the feathers’ ‘the inn on the pond’ & ‘the 3 horseshoe inn’!! Saying that haven’t been to the 3 horseshoes inn the food they serve there is just divine!! Been there a couple of times with the family!

So to recap:

Frankie & Benny’s redhill has appalling service! The white lion redhill is full of hypocrites! Me & my lovely lady hardly ever drink much anymore which might have something to do with the fact that we misjudged how much we had last night, but the sort of talk we got from that guy at the white lion was totally uncalled for! Everyone in the area should definitely give the 3 horseshoes inn a go soon!


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SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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