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‘Lulu’ the album???


First of I have been a massive fan of Metallica since the release of ‘the black album’! Obviously like most people I did some research, once I decided I loved that album, and looked into their back-catalog and bought all the other albums, one after the other over the next few months and been a fan ever since!

When Load & Reload were released some people who could only be described as ignorant, stagnant, afraid of change were having a go at them for their image change and their shorter hairstyles! People were also quite negative about Load & Reload! I absolutely loved those two albums, you can’t really compare them to something like Master of Puppets or …and justice for all! That would be unfair to the above named albums and the band as a whole! In my opinion it was very good and creative of them to try something new & different!

The other albums that followed Garage Inc. and S&M which both were absolutely excellent as well!

Now after S&M was a bit of a break and then ‘st. anger’ came out! Again Metallica tried something different and I have to say I personally loved every minute of it! The documentary ‘SKOM’ was a little odd, but still brilliant in my opinion!

Death Magnetic is just the best album in the last decade!

So to recap since the black album was released I have never come across a Metallica song/album I wasn’t sure about or didn’t really the first single that much!

On the other hand who are we to tell Metallica what their next album should look and sound like?

They fancied making an album with Lou Reed, so they did it, end off! I’m not a fan of Lou Reed I have to say!

The performance on jools holland was a bit rubbish as far as Lou Reeds part was concert! I like the beat and the little Metallica bit they had in it, besides that it didn’t do much at all for me which is huge difference

There is a pitchfork review and it didn’t come away brilliantly at all! I think that article said it all!!

For the first time since the early nineties I won’t be hurrying to buy a Metallica album!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

2 thoughts on “‘Lulu’ the album???

  1. I like Mettalica too! And i will always listen to their songs!
    Thank you for submitting this post to the showcase on Loveallblogs – music!

  2. Great post. It’s such a shame when one of your favourite musicians releases an album you just can’t get into. It was like that with me and Badly Drawn Boy. Loved his first two albums, love the ‘About a Boy’ soundtrack but his third ‘proper’ album I just haven’t been able to connect with. I’ve listened to it quite a few times as well but it’s just not happening. I’m sure BDB likes it though or he wouldn’t have released it. Maybe I should give it one last go…

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