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my first blog

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This is my first blog, so bear with me here, I might go off on a tangent now and then.

I felt the need to start this adventure, as a lot of people seem to be doing it and I do not agree with most of them, in fact I find a lot of them quite incendiary. So here goes my bit.

First of I want to make absolutely clear that even though I named my page ‘misterdoctorbeckymark2’ the views expressed here are entirely my own and should not be in any way, shape or form be confused with the views of Doctor Becky!!

Where to start? Well let’s start with current affairs or not so current affairs and then come back to something more personal!

I keep finding blogs that somebody put out on twitter, either themselves or retweetet them which to me are immensely abhorrent. Like for example the blog of @latentexistence which you can find here: http://www.latentexistence.me.uk/

The blog I’m referring to was posted on August 30th under the headline Godwin’s Law must die! In which this person likens the agenda and subsequent propaganda campaigns of the Nazis against disabled and infirm people to the intentions, agenda and subsequent journalistic outrage at what from my point of view must have started as a simple idea of trying to make sure that the benefits for incapacity, disability & long-term sickness actually go to people who actually are incapacitated, disabled & long-term sick.

If I actually believed that there was one shred of truth to the hype @latentexistence seems to think is the governments secret agenda I’d be the first to actively campaign against.

I just thought I mention, for those that do not know me I am German, having lived in this glorious Country (and I mean England) for just over 11 years now I have started to identify myself as an English citizen, just that I happen to have a German passport.

Coming back to the blog of @latentexistence I have, like many others learned about WW2 and the Holocaust in School, but besides that I have read up on and heard stories from people who were actually around back then and I can tell you that what we had in the papers and on telly is nothing compared to the propaganda campaigns from back then.

I find it utterly distasteful to liken journalistic drivel about the benefits shakeup our government was proposing to the systematic eradication of the ‘unwanted’ during the Nazi regime.

It is an affront to anyone who has and has not managed to live through that!


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

One thought on “my first blog

  1. Thanks for linking up to the Love All Blogs Politics Showcase. I do think we should be careful about drawing parallels with Nazism too easily as we risk undermining the importance of the lessons we still have to learn from that time.

    Recently however, I do find myself pondering the Europe-wide moves to the right of the political spectrum, particularly with regard to migration and the increasing popularity of certain political parties, and find it easy to see the similarities with the 20s and 30s. Human nature seems to mean that economic uncertainty brings out the worst in many people.

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