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In my first blog I mentioned how I was thinking of tackling this ‘adventure’. Something about current affairs, not so current affairs and then something personal, maybe. So here now my bit about current affairs, and by current affairs I mean current domestic affairs.

I openly admit that I tend to think of myself as more leaning towards the Conservatives when it comes to politics. I know quite a few people I don’t know, and quite a few I do know reasonably well, would argue that it is not such a good idea. However I find myself agreeing with a lot of the policies the current Government has, some might be slightly misguided and only in the premise worth saving, but never the less I think that, as a friend of mine put it, shiny Dave is on the right track.

The whole debate about the ammendment to the Health bill in regard to abortion has been blown all out of proportion. Personally I am #prochoice but also agree with one conservative MP in particular, Louise Mensch. The comments she has put out on Twitter and subsequently on Facebook are enough to assure me that we will definitely not going back to the stone age as some people have suggested when it comes to abortion.

It is every Woman’s right to have an abortion if certain criteria are met. By certain criteria I mean that there either should be a compelling arguement for an abortion from a medical point of view or from a psychological point of view. The exact ins and outs on what these compelling arguements actually look like I leave to the professionals.

Louise Mensch put it best I think:

The gist would be that women should be offered counseling on the NHS from non abortion providers, non faith based or ideological groups.

I totally agree with her on this issue. I’d even go further to say that Women definitely should have independent, non-biased counselling made available to them before, during and after an abortion or during the pregnancy if they should decide not to abort!

I am all for empowering Women to make difficult choices! After all if I am not mistaken the very first step on the way to abortion is and always should be going to your GP for a referral!

I do not condone anyone who preaches that regardless of the circumstances abortion is always murder, those people have not and will never come out of the ‘stone age’!!



Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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