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Triplet pregnancy update!

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Good afternoon,

yesterday we had the all important 12 week scan! Contrary to popular believe you cannot tell the sex of the babies at 12 weeks. That can take as long as Week 14 or 15. Which is quite convenient cause our next scan was arranged for June 3rd which works out that Becky will be about 15 and a half weeks by then. Although she seems to be of the opinion that we’ll be having 2 girls and a boy. Well let’s see if she is completely wrong or bang on the money?

I tried posting the picture of our scan via the Live journal Iphone app and just didn’t work. It kept saying that Scrapbook is unavailable and there is an error with the post.

Did you have that as well that the doc told you about all the possible complications and everything else that could go wrong first of?

Well according to the consultant who did the scan, she said that there was a 15% chance that Becky could have preeclampsia, preterm labour, etc. That she could go into really early labour and loose the babies, or go into relatively early labour and end up with disabled babies. It all depends on how early the babies are delivered. Anything before 24 to 26 weeks usually doesnt survive at all. Anything after 30 weeks has far better chances of being healthy and "normal" but then on the other hand was is "normal" nowadays??

Because of the possible complications with a triplet pregnancy we were informed about Pregnancy reduction. But how on earth are you supposed to make a decission like that when all 3 seem to be healthy, have everything in the right place, as far as we can see, and all have strong regular heartbeats? Anyway there is a 85% chance that everything will be fine!!

Apparently there is a study in the US that states that there is a 50% chance with most triplet pregnancy that one or all of the babies could have a disability. The problem with that study is, that they included everything as a ‘disability’ from a slight squint, over dispraxia & dislexia up to cerebral palsy!

I wouldn’t necessary classify dispraxia or even dislexia as a ‘disability’, even milder forms of cerebral palsy can be rather either to deal with. I’ve read about people who have a slight limp, that’s all and they have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but apart from a slight limp they are perfectly capable and just as or more intellegent that you and me!

When it comes to dispraxia I myself would be the best example that this is not a disability and you can live quite happily with it. I always had problems with coordination, with social interaction and empathy. Do I consider myself as having a ‘disability’ because of that? No of course not!

So all in all:

Everything is under control, there is a 85% chance that there aren’t going to be any significant complications. Becky will be reassessed for her fitness to work after Week 19 and the preliminary due date for the babies at the moment is End of September/Beginning of October. And of course the babies will be delivered by Ceserean Section.

As I had a problem with posting pics on here, go over to Facebook and you’ll be able to see them there!

Take care



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