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The human Guinea pig

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The Human Guinea Pig

Markus had a childhood like most kids. When he was 15 he fell ill, nobody really knew what was wrong with him, it kept getting worse and worse, until his father Gary decided to bring Markus to his lab to run a few tests, to see if he couldn’t figure out what made him so ill. When Gary found the cause for his sons illness he would not believe it at first, but it was actually a modified version of something he had worked on with some of his colleagues a few months back. It was then when Gary started to become suspicious of what they actually did with all his research.

About a week or so later Markus’ parents died in a horrible car accident, was that just coincidence? There was nothing coincidental about that accident, as Markus would find out years later. A couple that used to work with Gary then became Markus’ legal guardians. Everything had been set up perfectly, and that was how Markus became the CIA’s favourite human guinea pig. With Markus, the CIA was hoping to create the perfect assassin, an assassin who would not need any weapons to eliminate his targets.

Over the years he had been subjected to so many experiments and drug therapies that his brain actually mutated to something quite scary, which was exactly what they were hoping to achieve. There was just one thing they had not counted on, the unpredictability of nature and Markus iron will to have his revenge some day. The scientists thought they had a pretty good idea what his abilities were like. To safeguard the people at the facility they were keeping him drugged all the time, to suppress the full extent of his powers, which is a bit of a contradiction in terms, if they kept him drugged all the time, how could they really know what he would be capable off without the drugs.

After 10 years of this treatment Markus finally made plans to escape from his prison, he managed to fool them into thinking that he was taking his daily pills, which resulted that he started to gain access to more and more of the full potential of his abilities. He started to experiment with his mental capabilities in secret, telekinesis and telepathic abilities started to manifest themselves. It did not take him long at all to get a grip on this, and with a few weeks, he decided that it was now or never.

One evening he used his telepathy to get them to release him, when he was nearly out of the building, he passed the office of the manager of this facility, when he stopped and was curious if he could find anything interesting in there. Therefore, he went inside, and started rummaging through the filing cabinets, and computer system. In his search, he came across a door in the office that was locked, when he forcefully opened it, he came across many boxes.  One of the boxes had 1995 written on it, so he took it out, and had a look inside. While he was going through the contents of the box he found an email which funnily enough was dated a day after his parents accident. It said that nobody would make any trouble about ‘patient zero’ anymore, that they made sure of it. Markus concluded that with ‘patient zero’, they were most probably referring to him, and with the rest, they must have been referring to his parents accident.

Suddenly he heard the door opening, and who else should come in then the Manager of the facility. When he spotted all the paperwork everywhere, he was about to sound the alarm, when he heard a voice saying: ‘You don’t want to do that, sit down!’ and that was just what he did. He sat down, and looked in the direction from where the voice was coming from. When Markus stepped out of the shadows, the guy wanted to shout for the guards. ‘Not one words, understood?’ Markus then said, and went on: ‘you see that email in front of you? It is from an agent of either CIA or NSA or maybe both. I want to know what exactly was meant by that!’

The guy smiled and said: ‘Stupid of me to keep this for all these years, but I think you already know what that means?’

Markus felt two things right now growing inside him, anger and impatience, which mixed together, were never a good thing. He increased the pressure grip he had on the guys mind, and said: ‘Tell what I want to know and I assure you your death will be quick and painless.’ Markus said that because the guy had just been thinking something along the lines of: ‘Why should I tell you anything? I’m going to die anyway, isn’t that so?’

The guys was still contemplating under an increasing amount of pain if it was worth helping him. 

When Markus had enough of playing nice, he let go of any safe guards he put in place to keep himself from crushing the guys mind, but patience was not Markus strong point. Therefore, when Markus had broken the guy completely, he could access all the info the guy had, at last. With what he learned he knew that he had to get out of here immediately, they would never let him leave, well not alive anyway. He could not prove it, but he had learned enough to conclude for himself that the ‘company’ was solely responsible for his parent’s death. 

The guy was sitting there slumped in a chair, his brain turned into mush, it would be cruel to leave him like that, but Markus couldn’t bring it over him to kill the poor bastard. He used his abilities to manipulate people’s minds to get out of the facility, and to the nearest airport. Might have been slightly dangerous to try to escape that way, but then he could make them believe what ever he wanted.

When he arrived at the nearest airport he realised he needed money, lots of money. He sneaked into the toilet area and waited for people to come in, he then used his abilities to make them give him their bankcards, credit cards, and money they had on them. He then made his way to the nearest ATM and used every single card he got his hands on to get some money out, after he had filled up 3 wallets with what he reckoned to be enough money he went to the nearest board of flights out of here, and chose a flight at random. 

He boarded a flight to an airport somewhere near Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, he had not thought of causing the security cameras to malfunction. This meant that eventually they would figure out where he had disappeared too.

Once Markus arrived in Atlanta, and got through security, he decided to try to find a place he could stay, he was so tired all of a sudden. He went to the next Motel he could find, got a room and just fell on the bed.

He woke up some time in the evening, having so many voices in his head it was beginning to become unbearable. It wasn’t that surprising, when he was breaking out, he still had some residual chemicals in his system, now that he had a good nap, these residual chemicals had vanished and h is abilities started to come out more and more.  It was getting harder and harder to concentrate. He could not think clearly anymore, he just left the motel room, and started walking down the street. Well it was not exactly walking he was more behaving like someone that was drunk, he was staggering. Without him knowing it, his mind was actually sending out signals to anyone that might be able to help: “Help me, please somebody help me?”


Author: SillyDaddy

SAHD of twin boys, who just started year 1. Bring on the rollercoaster that is school life!

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